Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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  • This article really reflected my own experience so I just thought I would share.

    When I was in high school I was diagnosed with eating disorder, depression, anxiety and ptsd. When I went to college I had convinced myself I was schizophrenic. After being put on an enormous amount of medication, I went to a doctor who told me to begin with food allergies, to see which things who body was sensitive to. Although it isn’t necessarily an allergic reaction, it was a small amount tested through a small needle pocked into my back to see how the skin would react. Those that my skin showed some cause of irritation to were to be avoided. I did this for some months. Tobacco and beer (bulgar and wheat) were two of those things that I was found sensitive to, which is interesting because I have dopamine deficiency and have addictive behaviors. Recently I traveled in Israel for two months, where I ate what I wanted because it felt good and tasted great. I had went off all my meds just before leaving, but continued to smoke some weed and cigarettes throughout my trip. Now back in California, I’ve cut down on smoking, haven’t taken any medication is over three months (including birth control), and continue to eat what feels good.