Saturday, August 13, 2022

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  • Sadly, we have another article, and a series of accompanying comments that stir the hysteria. Comments such as “Lethal Psychiatric Drugs and Psychotherapy being used in the service of imperialism”, “But the psychiatrists want to destroy the brains of all the American families who have multiple Phi Beta Kappa winners”, do little to help and support the excellent work done the initiate the development of this website which justly earns my support. We all need to recognize there are misuses and there are mostly a lot of compassionate people that are doing the best they can with the tools they currently have. No, “ADHD drugs and antidepressants create your “bipolar” symptoms” as their are quite a few people without the drugs that have the symptoms. Read “Anatomy of an Epidemic” and note the alternative approaches developed in Finland that is now being practiced in some locales in the U.S. Change takes time and a reasonable approach. Hysteria and finger pointing add nothing.

  • Dr. Shipko,
    Your desire to alleviate suffering with the use of benzodiazepines for the symptoms of withdrawal of an SSRI is laudable and clearly speaks to the empathy you have for another’s suffering. However, through this practice are we now creating another problem with its own collection of side effects and risks that will ultimately lead to another need for action? Some might ask who is being treated with that benzodiazepine? Is it the person withdrawing from the use of the SSRI or could there be some need to treat your own discomfort from the empathy you have for them?
    There are other tools available for aiding in the symptoms associated with the discontinuation of a chronically utilized substance. Mindfully focused therapies with an emphasis on daily home practice will aid an individual to become aware of the tools they possess and strengthen there ability to accept unpleasant sensations in a more detached manner. Not an easy or quick solution and one that may need to be initiated before the beginning of the discontinuation of the medication. Learning detached focus when one’s brain is effectively screaming may be beyond routine abilities.

    Acupuncture and other aspects of Chinese/Japanese/French Energetic medicine has the tools to focus on an individual’s strengths and energetic imbalances. Targeting the imbalances as they present and then rise and fall through the discontinuation process can be of benefit.

    Encouraging participation in an exercise program will call for your Motivational Interviewing skills and reasonable and compassionate coaching. Establishing long term expectations for exercise goals will help people develop programs that can enhance their metabolism through activity and support each individual’s internal healing process. For those who think they are physically limited, directing them to Tai Ji performed in wheel chairs may be a fair demonstration of how exercise may be pursued when physical abilities have limitations outside of routine expectations.

    The above ideas are tools I’ve used with varying successes. Some people choose one or more of the tools. Some none. Some prefer to continue with their suffering and there is some merit in that as well as that may offer them a social reinforcement they find satisfying. Each has their own solution. Ultimately there is an answer to be found but adding another medication, one that is so potentially addicting and harmful, to the human stew pot is rarely my first choice.