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  • The_cat I am absolutely Sick to My Stomach….I knew it was bad…But I had no idea as to how many People have been Lost to Pharmaceutically Induced Violence or forever Scarred by it. I am Ashamed that I did not initially look further than the Instances reported by Main Stream… that obviously was a huge Error on my Part. But in my Defense I have been witnessing for Decades – Loved Ones Fall Prey to the Health’Care’ System accompanied by the Pharmaceutical Thugs 🙁 I have never been very far from the Front Lines but as with Many things in Life Clearly not fully seeing the Bigger Picture.

    How can I Share what I have now learned? I will start with sharing a bit myself and then Please Let me know How to Inform others if possible about this.

    I Cannot Fathom the Full Extent of this kind of Pain but I have :

    Witnessed Family members with a Sadness so beyond anything most of Us can comprehend 🙁
    No longer wanting to live…time and time again.
    The Frustration of Trying and Trying again, only to fail and be sucked back into the ‘Care’….
    The Anger of not being Heard…
    the Physical & Mental Adverse Reactions suffering:
    Behavioral changes…Anger….Frustration…Depression…Melancholy…Mania…..Insomnia…Bowel issues…Anyphylaxis….Loss of Appetite…Loss of weight…Binging…Gaining weight…..Mood Instability……Inability to Concentrate….The Paranoia…..The Impulsive Behavior….The Anger…..The Lashing Out….The Suicide attempts…The Success 🙁

    I see the List You opened my Eyes to with what should have been a Predictable Outcome…Followed by the Logical Solution to Stop these Meds…To Take Care of these People properly and Listen!!!

    Above all Listen to these troubled Youth and People…Give them the Needed Support…address the issues…Not Medicate it Away…..Medication should only be as a Last Resort after it is proven there is an imbalance with proper history which if Listened too most likely will give clear indicators…
    But this would take time…YES in the beginning…but save in the long run of repeated instances of Murder and suffering…
    Expose the true failure rates…(Can’t have that now or how would the Cogs keep churning out the Dough$?)
    This Pharmaceutical Rage has has been Exploited, Ignored, Hushed and Buried for Far too Long and brought about Laws that Punish the Innocent and are Quick to Medicate All in an attempt to Solve the issues…and in Fact effectively Exacerbating with Horrific Results that are Swept Under the Rug!

    A Cycle some are stuck in…
    Many do not have the Rage component; yet are Clumped with those that do, by the Mental Health Act Laws, which are Supposedly there for our Rights…
    In Sask. Canada if You are Up on the Mental Health Act it quickly becomes clear the Act is there for The Dr.’s and to cover the Politician’s.
    As for the Patient it mainly just lets You Know what They Can and Will do to You!!!
    Biased? No…
    Recently Schooled on the Mental Health Laws out of Necessity.
    Aside from that Currently the Statistics I am aware of are only about 6% of People with Psychiatric issues are Violent…Leaving 94% not….
    After discovering this list…Is this still Correct or are these the Stats the Powers that Be Want us to See???
    I apologize for my Rant…but I do take this topic very Seriously and am an Armchair Warrior who can only do so Much and have taken it upon Myself to Learn more of that Which I am familiar and not just keep it in a Locked Chest in my Mind any longer but to Spread what knowledge I can for those Who suffer so Much and often are Silenced by Meds. Sincerely Zelda

    My Family members did not hurt others (as these People did)
    However in one form or another they tortured themselves, through self harm or personally destructive behavior brought on by reactions to various and multiple medications and including ECT inflicted on them for Many Years.

    So I can relate to some extent, either way…All involved were Tortured by the ‘Care’ System.
    The Old Proverb – The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend….is applicable here. I do not condone Violence as I try to Live beyond the Anger but I do Live with Regret…for not Standing up as much as I should have for My Mom and My Brother 🙁 I was Young and life had been trying since the day I was born and before….I was worn out…I had no fight left in me….
    We have all suffered in one way or Other as those watching these Family Members fall apart or those Who try and treat yet failing do not succeed or Family who struggle for help and none is Forthcoming from a System that Puts those Wrongfully diagnosed thru Hell forcing ‘Care’ and filling beds and Pockets…
    Instead Ignores those Who are already ‘Treated’ and Medicated….
    Or to Treat concerns of Medication Effects introduces another Pill….
    Essentially Ignoring Family members pleas for their Loved Ones Adverse behavior…
    and the Consequences.
    There is Torture of both sides suffering through these Highly Unnecessary Tragedies.
    Clearly as the Dr. who has Wrongfully diagnosed my Son with Bipolar.
    The Dr. who Knowing of all the correct Facts, despite the Numerous detrimental errors in my Sons file by Hospital staff, goes forward forcing Medication to be continued.

    The Medication that in Fact is inducing The Mania he has Convicted my Son of having. With no Prior history and ignoring the H1N1 Flu that within the two weeks prior was accompanied by dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea and insomnia.
    For insomnia and unusual behavior he was prescribed Olanzapine and Clonazepam to address the insomnia and the slight odd behavior. Paradoxical effects were within an hour of taking the dosage but by the Third dose we had to seek 911.
    My son who had been fighting the H1N1 for two weeks already, continued to suffer during his whole six week stay at the Hospital and the Dr.’s continued denial of a Flu being so Serious despite 3 different tests showing a severe infection in his blood. The Dr. even testified at an appeal he had no idea if a Flu could cause such behavior….I’m not that type of Dr…but it doesn’t matter it is definitely Bipolar…The Appeal Panel accepted this…even though we Have a Family Dr. stating this is highly possible.

    to cause these issues and ignoring the Anticholinergic Toxidrome Symptoms He as a Trained Psychiatrist should have been aware of. Meds. Continuation of a Med My Son was brought to ER – Paradoxically Mentally & Physically Reacting to (witnessed by Many familiar with my Son).
    A Dr. who is also Wrongfully holding him under a CTO. Essentially with No Priors on Medicated Parole.
    I apologize for going on…but this ‘Care’ has been the Route of Destruction and Ruins of my Family going back 4 Generations.

  • Someone Else…Thank you so much for your post. I have a rare disorder Mastocytosis and Anticholinergic medications are contraindicated. My Oldest son got H1N1 and within two weeks was put on Olanzapine and Clonazepam. He had Paradoxical effects immediately. He needed help with sleep and ended up with Medication induced Hypomania! The Hospital made so many errors and wouldn’t listen kept him on the meds and even doubled them. He was put on a CTO order with no grounds or previous history and now we are fighting for his life. I have told the Dr. my history and that I found out about the Anticholinergic effects and how my son displays a lot of the same symptoms and maybe that is why he is not responding properly. He had none of the BiPolar symptoms until he was put on the meds…the Dr. is Steadfastly believing it will take time! He said he knows nothing about Anticholinergic issues! He has lied about several things…I now believe he is lying about this or in the worst case scenario actually doesn’t know everything like he claims! SO Thankyou so much for this post I randomly came across…I knew in my Heart of Hearts I was barking up the Right Tree and the Evil Dr. is sitting up in the branches! Lol

  • Hello Richard…Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts…most above my Lesion addled brain…lol But I wanted to point out something I just mentioned to my Son. Both of my sons for different reasons were put on Antipsychotic medications and then a Benzodiazepene. My Youngest 3 years ago for anxiety, my oldest for odd behavior after H1N1! Both of my son’s went off the deep end and then med after med failed to ‘Stabalize’ them properly as anticipated by the Dr.’s. I have a rare disorder Mastocytosis that Anticholinergic medications is contraindicated in. I just found this out recently through my own research and tried to get the Dr. to listen…I have now come to find that it is an actual thing Anticholinergic Toxidrome! As a Psychiatrist he should fully be aware of this but denies any knowledge. I may have drifted a little off here…blame it on the lesions! But my long story point is my Son’s are like night and day…My Youngest is very Sensitive…Shy….Artsy…Musical…Creative and a little grouchy when he gets up in the morning. My Oldest is very Outgoing…Mechanical…Technical…Creative…Hands on and chipper in the morning. When they were at their worst in reacting to the meds. My Youngest was very angry…grouchy…aggressive and even became physically aggressive. He spent money ridiculously and was very paranoid. My Older son was Hyper talkative…Paranoid…spent money ridiculously and was a bit grouchy about the situation but always remained as positive as he could while he tried to fight the effects of the meds. He never became aggressive or physical either to himself or anyone else. Even though they are brother’s they reacted similarly but the anger violence component was the huge difference. In their cases it came down to their most basic personality traits…my Youngest is definitely more easily agitated and my Oldest is the exact opposite.

  • Rossa Forbes I cannot speak for Catherine’s Son…But I can speak for my Mother who was subjected to this system and killed herself 20 years ago and my brother who died four years later. I can speak also for my 30 year old Son who had H1N1 March 1, 2016 after several days of no sleep, severe diarrhea and vomiting, little food he went to his Family Dr. who due to his odd behavior decided to prescribe Olanzapine and Clonazepam, having no prior history of any mental illness. Within 3 doses my Son was off the Deep End. He was taken to ER and the nightmare really began there. Instead of listening and getting any facts correct from Me his Mother who knows his history the Dr. put ‘Refuses to take same (meds)!’ Instead of putting he took the third dose and was so Paranoid and delusional that he came to the hospital. The Errors continued from there and instead of getting him off the medications he was subjected to forced medication, family was banned and in the end was sent home on a Wrongful CTO. He has no prior history, he has not been hospitalized voluntarily or involuntarily in the past two years or ever for this. He has not been subjected previously to a CTO. Yet the appeals boards all the staff etc. are ignoring this and upholding it. We cannot afford a Lawyer and have reached out to many levels of Local government and have been told although they are Sympathetic their hands are tied when it comes to a Psychiatrist’s Diagnosis. I Have even brought up the Anticholinergic effects and the fact I have a rare disorder Mastocytosis that my Son is showing positive symptoms of already. The DR. has refused to listen to this…He flat out said he will not address all the errors not only in his summaries but in the Hospital file and it will not change his diagnosis. Awhile back I found out there is a tie to paradoxical effects when I found about Anticholinergic issues while researching my own health, it was just my theory. Until today I found absolutely there is a tie, It is called Anticholinergic Intoxication Syndrome. The Dr.’s refusal to even look into this when my Son did not respond to the medications as anticipated and I was trying to provide this is tantamount to Malpractice…unfortunately in Canada here that doesn’t fly. So when you say Loaded sentence…You should realize there is so much more to the issues people are having and if they believe their Life is in Ruins…You can bet your bottom Dollar it most likely is. My Son’s life is in Ruins…we are struggling just to keep his head above water…and fighting a System that is supposed to be there to help, listen and keep you a part of the decision making..not just over rule. Especially when they have no prior knowledge of a person, their character, their traits and their personality and the Family in no uncertain terms is telling you they were not like this…they were always happy, easy going and now they are Hypomanic. So just wanted You to know that Yes this System does put people’s lives in Ruins. My Son broke his neck last year in a MVC and has a plate in his neck. He told me all of that was a Walk in the Park compared to being treated this way. He suffered beyond comprehension last year and if this is far worse then maybe that gives you and indication of what Ruins is. I feel I can speak on this because I have lost two family members and watched both sons go through this…They had minor issues that the Meds amplified to the point I almost lost them both…if that’s not Ruins I don’t know what is.