Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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  • The story of a friend who used to party too hard, with too much drugs, no sleeping for days, barely eating, for months. He acted crazy, lost a lot of weight, and was expelled from college. One day, he began to behave “paranoid” and “psychotic” and started attacking people. He was arrested, sedated, diagnosed with “bipolar disorder”, and commited to a hospital.
    Family was told by the Doctor: “It’s probably genetic”.
    A brother said: “He never showed any symptom growing up. Everything began after he started with his parties”.
    The Doctor said: “The drugs he took only brought to the surface the underlying genetic disorder”
    Another brother said: “You just made that up!”
    The Doctor said: “You are not quallified and don’t understand. Just follow my instructions. You all should also start using medication as a prevention.”

    Psychiatry is bullshit on stilts.

    Thank you, Mr. Hickey.