Sunday, September 19, 2021

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  • Bravo! Not a veteran myself, but experienced an anxiety unlike anything before, after trying to discontinue a small dose of SSRI I was prescribed for a 8 months. Wow..that was hell. And yes, docs thought it was “relapse”. Sadly, however, I was only moderately overwhelmed when my mother had a stroke at the same time I was 4 months pregnant and was wrongfully dismissed from a professional position I held for 9 years. Yes, I was a bit sad and a bit anxious, but NOTHING like it was when I went off of the drugs 5 months after my baby was born. I tell you, twice since I tried coming off these meds, and each time, it was pretty extreme withdrawal. I have had success though, and I will never stop telling everyone about the horrors of those kinds of medications. They are simply too toxic for some, and throw neurotransmision off, and put people over the edge. Honestly, when are the doctors finally going to understand this, and how can we save the lives of others…who about to learn the hard way.