Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • David, stand your ground, man….my story, my beautiful, funny, happy, talented daughter had her son 18 years ago and soon after got post partum depression, not knowing this as she was having marriage problems too, i thought her bad moods and unhappiness was from that. little did i know she was prescribed paxil and i believe took it for 2 years….after it was too late i had read about paxil in a class and begged her to get off it, her moods were horrible, no humor or laughing from her anymore, i did not understand the connection to the drug, now 18 years later, she seems worse really, her husband committed suicide 4 years ago, he was on a lethal cocktail of antidepressants from his doctor, she remarried last year and still i do not know this girl i raised, she is like a stranger to me and lashes out about the tiniest things…..i now know that those 2 years of drugs ruined my daughters brain chemistry for good, she died then and someone else appeared, after researching these drugs i now know the truth!