Friday, June 25, 2021

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  • Can there be hope on the horizon?
    I wrote elsewhere on this publication about my hope with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
    It was given the FDA approval in 2008 and a quick Google search of the subject will give you several places to start research. I just found this Dr. out of Indiana who has done a you tube video that I thought was very helpful.

  • My daughter studied Neuroscience in college in Bellingham, Washington. She remembered this as a newly approved method of treatment for Depression and Anxiety that used a machine with magnetic stimulation through the skull. There were little to no side effects and good results for long term relief. She said some of the studies suggested that the stimulation reactivated some areas in the brain that had been lower in activity with years of depression.

    I related to your story as well, but for different reasons. I have suffered from clinical depression for years and took the SSRI’s off and on. When I turned 48, my Dr. said menopause left me with little hormone activity and the anxiety attacks started at 4 am and didn’t let up until evening. HRT helped but when I added the SSRI Effexor, I got my life back—-for a while. At some point I realized I was having cognitive problems and was told, like you I had ADD. Like you I was given Adderall. Then the blood pressure went up, (I never had high BP) and another drug was added. My Dr. told me I may be over reacting to the adderall and thought I was acting weird. They started referring me to a specialist that only checked you once a month to see how you were doing on all the drugs they gave you, in order for you to keep all the drugs they gave you! I read my memory problems and my cognitive problems could be from the SSRI’s. I went cold turkey off all drugs. You can imagine where I have been for the last year. It has been nearly unbearable. I went to naturopaths, health food experts and finally a Dr. who is a med Dr. educated in Argentina practicing as a Naturopath through the TAHOMA CLINIC in the Seattle area. He put me back on HRT but I have major problems with the depression bouts still. His latest Rx was Rubidium and Potassium. He also suggested low doses of Lithium. I was just planning to go back on the drugs one week ago. Now I am thinking I will look into TMS. Maybe I should post this somewhere else on the site, but here it is. TMS sounds very promising as it is NON DRUG and has few if any side effects. I am wondering about the personal research this group might have the ability to do and give an opinion. I feel like my life if at a standstill and I am the weak link in the chain. I can’t believe that I ended up this way.

    All the education and engineering talent that you have, it is sad that you find yourself disabled at this time. My husband is an engineer for a manufacturing conglomerate and says that American schools are not producing engineers and the foreigners are troublesome in their ability, at best.

    I had never been to a Psychiatrist and thought that they might have more care or know better of what to use on my condition than a primary care psy does. After reading over this site, I am doubtful about that. Certainly very confused.

    Seattle Neuropsychiatric Center

    TMS Center New York