Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • Look up statistics of the amount of deaths due to causes such as overdose, cancer, circulatory problems, disease associated with smoking cigarettes. You will find that the amount of death causeb by opioids is far far lower than another above I mentioned. Opioids are not making money anymore for big Pharma, why do you think states who have approved medical use of cannablis. Come this fall there will be a voting by congress to legalize the recreational use of weed. There will be a 15% tax increase on the sell of weed and a surchage tax of 35%. If truly meant to help prevent deaths, the medical field would have been working much harder to wipe cigarrettes of the map of the earth, they do not because of tax. Now big pharmas want to put mind controlling drugs in with the pain pills. I fear my children are going to be walking Nazi’s and their children will be walking robots. This has to be stopped and if we do not get rid of the present government now & forever, America will never be a free great America. Countries are laughing at us where they use to look up to us. We say we have a president, but who really is in charge, Big Money Bigger Money and then the rich from other countries. Godbless us all!