Sunday, October 17, 2021

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  • The changes demonstrated here relate not to politics at all, but directly to the removal of social dogma in favour of actual science. If there is any politics to these changes, it is only found in the slowness with which they have occurred: science conclusively demonstrated (through the work of Dr Hooker and others) that homosexuality was not a mental illness in the 1950s.
    Truth is, modern psychiatry was created by people who drank the Kool Aid of Christianity, and who accepted its views on what was normal in the area of sexuality as the actual normal for sexuality. Their views were not scientific in this area, but based on “everybody knows”. Quite naturally, the application of science went on to show that everybody jolly well does not know, and particularly not so when they accept religious fables as facts.
    The changes to the definitions of paraphilias show exactly the same thing: when you abandon “everybody knows” in favour of actually researching the issue, you begin to discover (and to accept) that the truth is other than what you initially believed. It shows the respect with which science is held by the mental health professions, that these changes in understanding have been incorporated appropriately into the professional understandings of what categorizes mental illnesses. Once again, if there is anything political in these changes, it is merely the extended time that it has taken for them to be fully accepted for what they are in DSM terms (ie human variations rather than clinical diagnoses).