Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Comments by Aaron Freeman

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  • You might or might not ask your patients, whether they want to get well or get a fix? Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal can be a deadly horror. Dr. Breggin wrote a book on the subject. Dr. Breggin and Dr. Patch Adams are people you should consult with, as well as this Dr. Anne Guy.
    How much College Debt are you enslaved by? MDs are expensive, and you should do your psychotherapy on your own time; we have Social Workers and Scientologists, to do the Psycho-Therapy, while Doctor Minutes are better used prescribing the Psychotherapy. You might ask a military recruiter, about your college loans.
    Treatment of Schizo-Affective Disorder is Family Therapy. Look up Open Dialog on YouTube, as this is the Thing in Europe, at this time.
    Most enter Psychiatry by screwing up in Medical School and in their Internships, that they can’t be Internists or Surgeons, but Dr. Peter R. Breggin followed a bit of your path, and he could probably use an heir.