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  • HERE It’s : APA *Plott* to overthrow Trump

    This is a psychologist’s duty to warn—most will have heard of this rule in the context of mandatory reporting of child abuse. Now the organization Duty to Warn applies this same logic to commenting on the mental health of Donald Trump, with its Facebook page writing that “Donald Trump is too seriously mentally ill to competently discharge his duties as president and must be removed according to the 25th Amendment.” The group and its petition have reached the public ear in such spaces as the Daily Kos, USA Today, New York Magazine, Salon.com, and many more.

    Now the group is making a push for signatures before multi-city town hall events, scheduled for October 14, 2017 in Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Chicago, D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco (with additional cities possibly added).

    The petition in its succinct entirety reads as follows:

    We, the undersigned mental health professionals (please state your degree), believe in our professional judgment that Donald Trump manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States. And we respectfully request he be removed from office, according to article 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which states that the president will be replaced if he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

  • Anyone have a right to commite suicide, also *mentally* ill people! Those who are against assisted suicide for
    *mentally* ill people, are in general all MH *experts*. Same people who dig grave for Adam! Same by profession. RIP Adam and 800 000 people who commite suicide, because of so called *mental* illness, each year. And RIP 8 000 000 of people, who died each year in cursed MH System. Wake-up *crazies* and crushed down NWO MH System!!!

  • Rachel
    Most of people who enter Mental Health, were never scanned with MRI. But many were scanned at first, with CT. I was amoung those, too. But CT don’t show in many cases brain cysts or even tumors. Quite easy is to label people with *mental* illness, if you use CT, heck it won’t show anything at all! This is why so many *crazies* are scanned with CT! MRI have *power* to destroy Psychiatry. Finnaly I was scanned with MRI and they find pinneal gland cyst. Brain cyst or tumor can change brain-chemistry. But until isn’t *removed* , you will be *insane* forever. Also hormones are way more important in Biology Of Madness, as most people belief.

  • First who can re-place Psychiatrists in MH System , are neurologists. Out-side medicine psychologists are first *pick*. MH System and forced treatment, will survive Psychiatry down-fall, if this will ever happened. Anti-Mental
    Health movement is the only way forward.

  • I am from Slovenia, Rachel. And what my country mental health *employers* did to me? I was restrained, because I bother staff in the dungeon, that I *feel* horrible pain in my stomach. I was restrained for 6 hours and with accute appendix! 6 hours past, until they send me to near hospital. And another few hours were *lost* there, prior they finnaly *figured* what really is wrong with me.

  • First problem is, that majority of MH experts, consider each killer, as *mentally* *ill*. As *undiagnosed* one.
    Listen. I read mainstream Psychologists and Psychiatrists posts on few websites and in their’s eyes, *crazies* are big danger to entire society. *Medicated* or *unmedicated*. Doesn’t make a difference for them. Control over you is all, what MH experts wants to have. And this isn’t some MH System *agenda*, on it’s own. It’s NWO *bidding*. They never say, lone wolf was, or wasn’t on *meds* ! But they always say, he had *mental* health *issues* ! Majority of people on meds, will easily commited a murder, because they don’t have any emotions at all. Yes some people are more violent on *meds*, some aren’t. It’s like a alcohol at best! Indeed MH experts won’t ever take any responbility, if they *created* with *meds* , a killing *machine* ! More then meds alone, are *events* in Mental Institutions one, which will *turn* person into a *killer*. Anyway we *crazies* *commited* one *crime* already – we are born different. And *intolerance* towards our difference, is coming from two Abrahamic religions, Islam is excluded! Please people face this fact! Psychologists will *stone* you, Psychiatrists will *burn* you!!!

  • Mental Health *experts* *belong* to two *religious* groups, which perpetrate against those, who are crazy. Each Psychologist knows what this means and same is with Psychiatrists. In their eyes, we crazies are mages. They don’t define normality vs crazy *issue* with proper biological explains, but they really define both with few *lines* , from certain religious book.

  • MIA have no-chance at all, to *re-think* mental health! And zero chance, to change stone *hearts* of MH experts. Most of Psychologists and Psychiatrists will defend their own professions and *institute* inside cursed MH System. System is totally wicked and corrupted. And *it* *takes* 8 millions of lives, each year. Such are *death* *stats* of MH System, according to NIMH *research*, *about* *mortality* in MH System. And are Psychologists really humanists? Majority of them will condemn animal *torture*, but never a torture of
    us crazies in MH System!

  • We will won first *round* against Psychologists and Psychiatrists, only when 10 000+ or more *crazies*, will protest before NIMH and WHO. *Field* representation is all what will change or simply dismantle MH System. System infamy can be displayed on publical level, prior any protest will take place. But first you have to bypass
    mainstream media *blockade*.

  • Psychology+Psychiatry =Mental Health System. It won’t be long, when Psychologists will start pre-scribing *meds* on large *scale* and their tolerance towards *illegal* drugs is main reason for middle or neutral *position* about use of psychotropic *meds*. Anyway I know who and why started with mind altering project for entire mankind and this trace leads only to one country. And this aren’t USA.

  • Unusual beliefs and behaviours are defined by most of Psychologists, as Mental Illness. Different language and
    terminology, won’t delude me, but if other crazies here on MIA blogs, belief to any Psychologist lies, I certainly don’t!!! My first comment on this blog is a death *sentence*, for entire Psychology existence. They should rather resign together with Psychiatrists right now and world will be a better place to live in, if you are crazy of course! Anti-Psychology movement is also needed!!!

  • People may think,that I am *crazy*,when I wrote here ,that I was a *subject* of telepathic or telekinetic assault in August of 2016.Last year this happened and since then my life is destroyed.Later I was on MRI scan and they find a pinneal gland cyst,which is *way* to small,that can be a *reason* for what happened to me. *Only* brain stroke can *fitt* into my *experience* *then*,altough my brains MRI scan didn’t show any brain damage at all,only brain cyst was *find*.There is zero explain for my horrible headaches,problems with talking,*shut-downs*,I see golden sparks and flashes and this *phenomenon* is going on now, for 9 months and no-neurologist can explained what this is and no-psychiatrist won’t be *capable* to *say*,this is a paranoid schizophrenia,by DSM *bible*.

  • I was a victim of horrible *spiritual* conspiracy,with aim to kill me.I call it telepathic or telekinetic assault on me.And *they* leave *fingertrips* in my brains,after this happened,everything is going *down* now for me.Anyway I know now why this happened and who was behind it.In my my dreams I get the name of the person,who was behind this *plott*.At least they failed to kill me,but they *leave* a brain cyst in wake of their’s sneaky and crafty *attack* on me.This is how *psychologists*,*defend* them-self,before people who *offend* them.

  • Suicide *prevention* is wasted campaign of WHO in first place.Anyone have a right to commite suicide and that’s it!
    I don’t need to commite suicide ,because I have a brain tumor.And mainly because of my so called *uncurable* *Mental* Health *issues*,I refused any further neurological *monitoring* of quite problematical tumor.Coma and death will be matter for me,but I surrender *my-self* to such fate and I am enjoying in RPG games,now! Diablo and Baldurs Gate.Finished both saga’s prior I die is my priority now!

  • Frank
    Yes.Not just USA,entire world needs anti-Mental Health movement,which once exist in your country.Anti-Psychiatry movement,didn’t seperated it-self from MH movement,mainly and you know this,because of Psychologists and Psychiatrists involvment inside and outside anti-Psychiatry movement.They become *brand* names or *faces* of anti-Psychiatry movement and not the crazies.Psychologists and Psychiatrists will always protect their professions,so they are united against all of us.Maybe some of MIA writters won’t agree with me,but even MIA haven’t a single crazy person amoung the *staff*.Always normals use their normality and with it,they *have* credibility to represent us and far worse to make all decisions,about us!
    So far they brought to us all,only misery death and suffering.And to normals who live with us to!

  • Anti-Mental Health movement once as it will be *formed*,have to be leaded and guided by non-Americans.This will be the best way,how to prevent the very *weight* of $$$,to supress movement into passive and really unimportant organization!Anti-psychiatry movement was *killed* by corruption and it’s death now and a new movement have to start in this year!One in which Mental Health *experts*, certain political agenda and above
    all it’s progress supressing proxy agents,won’t have a place,much less a chance to undermine movement,which will try to dismantle MHS.

  • They are laughing at us,because we don’t act against them!No-matter what MHS and it’s employers did to us!
    Until MHS infamy won’t be exposed on publical level,with massive protests against the System,soo long they will laugh at us and get away with everything,even with murder!We all here know this,but real life activists aren’t in general from USA!

  • Listen crazies!
    Mental Health *experts* are laughing at us!Yes they do.And they aren’t afraid of us.But we should give them
    a fundamental reason,to fear us!We have numbers,they have nothing!All what we need is Occupy NIMH movement and this will be their end…All the world will learn what MHS really is: Genocidal *Health* *Care* System!

  • There are various *methods* of sharing certain *information*,prior any critical mass needed for protest will be *gathered* and real life activists,don’t need to relay on *mercy* of digital or mainstream media,to give normal people distguist about everything,what is really *going* *on* in MHS! You can even challenge constitution and central government,without people on streets!Without single shot!And without exposing people with *emotional* or *intellectual* *defect* to *certain* situations,then…

  • Entire MHS(Mental Health System),not just Psychiatry,should be *eliminated* from this world!Anti-Mental Health movement should start and there are only two places,where first protests should take place!Before NIMH and WHO!Start with Occupy NIMH and same with Occupy WHO movements.And Expose MHS infamy on public

  • Emily is a classic *activist* of anti-psychiatry *movement*:For existence of MHS(Mental Health System),without Psychiatry of course.We crazies have to be against Psychiatry,but also against Psychology and Psychotheraphy!!!
    Elimination of entire MHS should be our task,normals can say a madman *deal*.Sadly,leftwinged activists are one of the last people,who crazies should ever thrust!!!

    This is their *War* on Mental Illness!Era of human-cyborgs is before us!And era of laser lobotomies!And era of biochemical *detection* of *madness*-serotonin and dopamine urine and blood tests!This gonna be your fate
    my crazy brethren from USA and only anti-Mental Health movement and your participation in it,will prevent such
    insane future!!!

  • Start with movements Occupy NIMH and Occupy WHO!And expose MHS infamy on publical level as *rebels*,not just as bloggers,or commentators here!Not just Psychiatry,entire MHS(Mental Health System) and wicked MH movement,have to perished from this world!

  • Bonnie.Mental Health *experts* cursing us crazies,so why not to *curse* them!?You see crazies,Mental Health *experts*,Psychologists or Psychiatrist will protect their professions,no matter to which *sidde* they officially belong!Only anti-Mental Health movement will really represent us crazies and I doubt that old-school activists here,will protest one day with us.Especially they will never protest before NIMH or WHO.They sadly
    consider both as *friends*of crazy people.

  • I don’t understain,why Psychologists have so much *love*,for Mental Health System?MHS is against everything,what most of psychologists,*officially* stoods for.I know that many Psychologists are employed in this System,so they won’t*eliminate* Psychosis,which overtook MHS.Further more problematic are,countless *posts* about animal *torture*,written by many Psychologists,but torture in MHS and it’s *Institutions* around the world,don’t *bother* them!Did I miss something,or only I see problems,which so called *normals* can’t anymore *detect*?And even *tortured* terrorist suspects *rights* are more important,then torture of
    us,who commited ultimative crime against normals,because we are different!I see this world in such way.All
    united against crazies!Then we should be united against all of you.

  • Psychosis is symptom of so called Schizophrenia.Rather then we talk here about meta-physic emotional reasons for it,we should talk about real biological reasons for Schizophrenia or any so called *Mental* Disorder.Biology of madness starts and ends with HUMAN HORMONES.So,my comment isn’t written in support of so called biomedical model and biological psychiatry,which doesn’t *deal* with hormones.Your comments here and Author post are written in support of rebellion against biology and evolution,which is all what Psychology and Psychiatry are all about.Both preventing indvidual human being development into what biology and evolution create him for.It means manipulation of biological mind with psychotheraphy or psychotropic meds.Psychologists and Psychiatrists are doing this for New World Order.To alter human mind
    and give person different version of reality.One which benefict both siddes!

  • Protests will happened only,if critical *mass* is reached.This means a Occupy Movement,like was one,which sadly failed in some matter.But Occupy NIMH shall be crazy people own *bidding*.It means normals aren’t welcomed!They making decisons about us in all matters and even about or life and death!We crazies all knows what this means!You have a good point Frank-Institutional Psychiatry=Slavery,better Mental enslavement allowed in USA Mental Institutions,altough USA constitution strictly forbid slavery.And same measure of *democracy* also Europe already learned.Means one *mistake* I did and farewell my citizen *rights* in my country.Slavery in Mental Health System is still legal around the world and crazies becomed by State/ or their country owned Mental Slaves and not human beings.And race isn’t matter for Mental enslavement.DSM matters.And clinical insanity.Psychologists and Psychiatrists your classifications aren’t just pseudo-science and
    against biology and evolution,but they even *give* a *legal* *right* to states,or countries to own people as
    Mental Slaves!We live in times,when normals aren’t doing anything good for this world anymore,so we can be
    masters of our own fate!Which was always in our hands,but many of you didn’t realized this and some sadly
    can’t anymore!

    We shall see if any MIA writter with M.D. or Ph.D. will have *guts* to comment,my angry *message* here.
    I belief,that vanity of their professions exposed above in my comment,will be main reason for the *silence*.

  • judi
    You tell the truth.You don’t need need to be sorry for.Activists here are keyboard *warriors* and mere posts,not any serious movement,are all what represent them,as such.Why they didn’t protest before NIMH or WHO so far?All the time same on MIA blogs-Psychiatry and BIG PHARMA,human rights violations…Really I belief that they are here,to re-direct attention away from NIMH or WHO.This two organization,we crazies should hate the most.Only
    Mental Health crooks here,won’t agree with me!

  • ALL TALKS,NO ACTION! is good slogan,for loud mouths writters and activists on MIA!

    Indeed this can be changed!We need and I will repeat this 1000 times ,if needed: ANTI- MENTAL HEALTH MOVEMENT! Why you have *problem* with it,people here?It’s the very name,or what?Until we don’t start with it,we can’t even talk about it’s mission or policy!MIA should be proper *place* to start with it,or not?

  • Anti-psychiatry movement failed,I know this.And everyone on MIA also knows this!It’s a time for Occupy NIMH and Occupy WHO movements!And time for anti-mental health movement!Sadly that MIA,considering NIMH or
    WHO as *friends* of crazy people.*Re-think* mental health,sounds so.

  • Mental Health System won’t change it’s *normal* policy vs us,who are crazy!Only if we crazies Start with Occupy NIMH and Occupy WHO movements,then will see our finest moment and their finnal hour!No-protests-means no existence,at first place.Don’t allow,that Mental Health *advocates* represents you!Payed activist are
    always puppets of the *SYSTEM*.A substained,spinless people they are!And in general,most of them fell into
    such category!NAMI is whore of snake god named BIG PHARMA.If I was American I will give any crazy there a good lesson from biology and evolution!Some lessons of biology are also needed here on MIA!This why I am here!Until brain cyst won’t shut down,my biological mind!

  • Listen real crazies here on MIA:Alliance with enemies of our entire crazy kind,what Psychologists and Psychiatrists exactly are,is out of the question!Mental Health System is their’s,not BIG PHARMA *creation*.
    And so many here talk about*human* rights violations in Mental Health *care*.If you were anything,but
    big mouths here on this website,you will already protest before NIMH or WHO!Something is horrible wrong,
    with so called *activists*,here.

  • People who belief in Mental Health,are one who support existence of Mental Health System and existence of
    Mental Illness or Disorders.Most of people on MIA blogs,fell into such *category*.Only difference between NAMI
    and Mighty vs MIA,is in their approach towards *meds*.Sadly like NAMI or Mighty,MIA also support existence
    of Mental Health System.And anti-psychiatry movement have just too much Mental Health professions amoung
    their ranks,that can be called as *anti*-psychiatry.There is only one way forward-anti Mental Health movement.
    And start with movement Occupy NIMH in first place.

  • *Biological* Psychiatry have nothing to do with Biology.They will never claim,that human hormones are real
    and main biological reason for havoc in human brains,which 21 st century *science* still name as *Mental* Illness.Sadly people on MIA aren’t doing any favor to global crazy population,with emotional-psychological
    explains for our problems.Speaking only for my-self here and *crazies* section on MIA,not for writters or normals on MIA blogs.I am very dissapointed,that only weapon against Mental Health System-Biology isn’t used by MIA and this is a big favor for System,which kills 2 millions of people each year!And favor for Biological Psychiatry and BIG PHARMA!Anti-psychiatry movement should transform it-self into anti-Mental Health movement.Anyone,who don’t agree with me is here as proxy agent of NIMH,or APA!Or he/she was totaly
    brainwashed by anti-psychiatry activists.Listen my fellow crazies-Start with movement Occupy NIMH!And
    let Psychologists and Psychiatrists,keeps their *classification* manuals amoung The Fairy Tales,because both professions are against Biology and Evolution!

  • Mentally *ILL* 45. president of USA-Donald Trump.I doubt that such *classification* will be problem for Mr. Trump. Indeed Psychologists enjoy in *classifications* of famous people,they want to *undermine* their credibility,with adding infamous Mentally ILL or Clinical Insane *stamp*.Which can’t be removed,because
    Psychologists and Psychiatrists are part of *Science*. Mr. Trump won’t have problems with Psychologists and
    Psychiatrists and he won’t *end* in any Mental Institution in America.Same can’t be say for you my crazy brethren from USA.You will live and die by Mental Stamp!There is only one way,how to removed it forever
    or pernamently!Total *demolition* of entire Mental Health System and end of both leading professions in
    their cursed System!Start with movement Occupy NIMH,or they will *occupy* your body and mind one day…

  • At least each Psychologist so far,who classified Donald Trump as mentally ILL,confirm far more,then average MIA commentator will observe.The may don’t belief into DSM,but they all belief in Mental Illness.They confirm
    with such posts,that their profession,just like psychiatry did,architected Mental Health System.Let’s go
    forward.Enjoying in classifications of other people *mind* conditions and even laugh and joy over their mind
    issues or problems,is how can anyone spot psychologist.Even,if they can’t on biological level explained
    any mind *condition* or issues,they will still continue,with their meta-physic mystery mongering
    and with unbiological and anti-evolutionary classifications,which are No.1 reason for so called STIGMA.
    Day will come,when Psychologists and Psychiatrists,will be called as rebels against biology and evolution!

  • Donald Trump-Mentally ILL.This is how psychologists *attack* anyone,who don’t fit into their sharp perception of what is normal and what is *abnormal* or clinical insane.I wonder how I should be *classified* by Dr.Hunter.
    I am not famous,so she won’t vaste her time with reading of my* infamous* comments,dangerous they are even to existence of entire Psychology,which is against biology and evolution,just as psychiatry is.

  • What are you waiting for,my crazy brethren in USA?Day,that you will become part of Mental Heath System
    unofficial *stats*.They don’t *post* them anywhere,so you won’t be even mentioned,as victims of Mental Health System normal policy.Policy under which,normals can do just everything against your will and life,if
    you are sadly inprisoned,inside modern days concentration camps,for crazy population-Mental Institutions.
    How to end this… rally in numbers before cursed NIMH!

  • I don’t talk to NIMH or SAMSHA,much less I belong to any anarchist group.And I don’t violate anyone
    human rights and lives,like most of mental health experts do.Psychologists even more value human
    rights of captured and *tortured* terrorists suspects,then rights of any crazy person who was tortured
    inside mental institutions!Who is here proxy isn’t a problem.But who supports torture and murder inside
    mental institutions,it’s clear to all who will read our-leveling,but it won’t happened,because I don’t get into
    leveling with my *racial* enemies-psychologists or psychiatrists.

  • Margaret
    I didn’t mean that you earning some money,by helping any *crazy* person with your voluntary work.
    I warn you,that you are real-life activist with your own mind and each word you wrote and stood for even in hell,
    if needed,until you aren’t payed for your activism!So I think that I was now more clear about what I wrote,then
    in my first comment,it’s hard for me with brain cyst and with over drugged mind,to wrote perfect comments in english.

  • Proxy agents of NIMH and Mental Health System are allowed to comment on MIA?Anyone have a right to say
    whatever he/she wrote here,if he/she don’t violate posting *guidelines* here.But this people in general all
    violate rights and even lives of *crazy* population.Please *re-think* their comment ability here,MIA.

  • Mental Illness mystery mongering is still going on MIA.Me and few people here knows,that human hormones
    are main and only one real biological reason,for havoc in human brains,which 21st century science sadly still
    name as *Mental* Illness or Disorders.We only need meds,which will deal with hormones in our brains and this will be the very death of Mental Health System and collapse of manipulative professions-Psychologists and Psychiatrists will be undone and their rebellion against biology and evolution,will be finnaly over!Sadly the very *audience* here is,(un)aware victim of Psychologists manipulation,which sadly *turn* them towards so called
    anti-psychiatry activism.You lost your mind here,my crazy brethren from USA!We have only one enemy and
    this is Mental Health System!Start with new movement Occupy NIMH.Your endless argue on MIA blogs won’t
    change anything,but such occupy movement will change everything!

  • Schizophrenia indeed exists.It’s matter of human hormones,not matter of dopamine or glutamat imbalance
    hypothesis.Both substances aren’t in group of hallucinogenic substances.Human hormones.This is all what define anyone normal or crazy.Agree with me or not *audience* here,many of you here are only serving some Psychology and Psychotheraphy agenda,with aim to manipulate crazy people for your own *Cause*
    and personal benefict.

  • Alex
    Except fact,that in our biological reality,human hormones are reasons for our problems.It won’t harm
    you spiritual beliefs,but it will put in serious danger many jobs inside Mental Health System!Certainly
    this is what we all want here,isn’t?!Total demolition of their cursed System!I mean only community
    here on MIA will be happy with their *demolition*.With Psychology heavily infected staff and writters
    on MIA website,sadly defending of biology and evolution,fall on me.Until brain cyst won’t shut down
    my biological mind.

  • Alex
    I am not on MIA website to convince anyone,that human hormones are main reasons for
    our problems.What I wrote,are basic laws of biology and biochemistry.Certainly,very few here
    will agree with me.You may not harm yourself with your beliefs,but denial of biology is all what
    Mental Health System needs.

  • Alex
    There is nothing above our mind,which is based on our biological brains.Above all,you don’t harm
    anyone,but yourself with such missbeliefs,about religion and spirituality.

    Separation is biological and evolutionary birthright.Defending it,is a problem for most people in this

  • Mental Health System is deathrow for 500 millions of people.Two millions of people die each year,
    thanks to all Psychologists and Psychiatrists united in Mental Health System.United against all,who
    don’t fit into false classification manuals of both professions.People you have to be anti-Mental Health
    activists,not anti-psychiatry activists.Only total demolition of entire Mental Health System,will change
    something on better,for all of us who are really crazy.

  • Italy already have Mental Health communities,but this only eliminate Mental Institutions-Asylums.
    So,if anyone think that this should be the way to go then,no it’s a way for continued existence of Mental Health System.And control and manipulation of crazy population there,will still go on.With psychotheraphy and also with
    psychotropic meds.Of course Mental Health experts won’t agree with me,but they know that Psychology and Psychiatry are both against biology and evolution.

  • Human hormones are biological reason for havoc in brains,which 21 st century science still name as
    mental illness or disorders.Any anyone with basic knowledge of biology,will agree with me.Sadly anyone
    who will want to bring more biology to medicine and science as academic,will be killed.If he/she will stood,
    for what I wrote.I hate Psychology and Psychiatry,because they want to manipulate all crazies and normals.
    With psychotheraphy and psychotropic meds.This is war on human mind.Indeed Mental Health System is
    death sentence with up to 20 years shorter life span,for us trapped in normals designs,because of global
    control and security issues.Psychology and Psychiatry classifications created STIGMA and also unbiological
    explains for our problems,help to their cause for continued existence of the worst part of health care system,
    everywhere in this world.

  • NO HOPE IN MENTAL HEALTH SEGREGATION COMMUNITY,sounds like a ghetto for crazies,to me!Indeed I am tired to live in world where normals are playing gods and they have ultimative juristiction and ownership over
    our bodies and minds!This is conspiracy of New World Order and Icke’s only one,who have any clue what is really going on!Mind manipulation is what Psychology and Psychiatry are all about.One with psychotheraphy,another
    with psychotropic meds.

  • Mental Health System will continue with it’s rampage and even get far more
    people under it’s allmighty juristiction.With dopamine and serotonin blood or
    urine tests.I wonder how many normals will be turned into crazies,indeed they
    deserve our fate.Charts for naturals levels of both substances already exist,so
    BIG PHARMA will only get more consumers.In USA,where allmighty outpatient
    commitment exist-there will be no argue about,what means,if you won’t fitt
    into charts natural levels!This information was posted in one of blogs here.

    Sadly MIA didn’t hit alarm switch,because of this,so far.And you still think,
    that you are superior as Americans,first at least monitor your own blogs
    and don’t moderate ME,even if I wrote something what may upset some
    people or any interest groups here,then.

  • BetterLife
    Pro-mental Health means for Mental Health.It’s very bad and also is very sad,that MIA is
    for Mental Health and with this support existence of Mental Health System and to be only
    against psychiatry and not against entire Mental Health System,is very absurd and insane
    mission.Which certainly won’t make any difference,for us who are crazy.And it won’t save
    single life!

  • Listen,especially my crazy white brethren.Don’t pay any attention to any left-winged
    human rights activist groups,because they never fought for our,sadly so far lost cause.
    Same goes to any anti-psychiatry activist,so far.All talk,no-action!The very fact is that
    few MIA writters also post on pro-mental health website Psychology Today.This and the
    very mission of MIA re-thinking Mental Health,is clear sign that abolition of System which
    kill up to 3 millions of people each year,isn’t real goal for MIA staff or writters.Because
    same professions are in pro-Mental Health movement and anti-psychiatry movement,
    you my crazy white brethren will have to re-think your very own perception of reality.
    You have to understain,that Mental Health System is killer of crazy white population in
    first place!This and fact that leftwinged human rights groups never even mentioned our
    suffering and deaths,will give you at least reason to ask yourself,why then crazy whites
    are born only to silently die,inside Mental Institutions world-wide?Who is behind this
    racial hatred against us?And who support this genocide?All mentioned above,for sure!!!

  • Matt
    If you want to have psychological explains more important as biological one,
    well this difference between me and most of you here.Only few of us on MIA
    blogs then,are aware of real biology of madness.Most of you here are against
    biology,because so called biological psychiatry and pharmacy.Biological psychiatry
    have nothing to do with real biology,those who will claim different,are fools.Sadly
    psychological explains aren’t solution,for most of us who are crazy.It’s worthless
    for me or anyone who belief in biology,to wrote comments on MIA blogs.Sadly
    most of people on MIA blogs live in false reality and only few of us here are in
    biological reality.

  • Psychosis is symptom of infamous Schizophrenia,according to infamous psychiatry
    bible DSM.Or symptom of bipolar disorder.The only psychotheraphy which is effective
    and isn’t favored by many psychotherapists,is chemical induced hypnosis.The only
    magical stick in psychotheraphy.Psychotherapists rarely use it,because if it does work,
    it will reduce number of sessions with client and less sessions,means less money for
    any psychotherapist.Because all of us Schizophrenics out there,already have problems,
    with natural hallucinogens in our brains,any added hallucinogenic substance,won’t
    be matter of real solution.

    On biological level Schizophrenia and it’s symptoms,can only be triggered,by certain
    hallucinogenic substances in human brains.Dopamine imbalance hypothesis,is still
    the very only proposed explain,for phenomenon named Schizophrenia.Dopamine
    isn’t in group of hallucinogenic substances.And this know every academic,who is
    fluent with chemistry,or biochemistry.From various fields of modern and sadly so
    corrupted science,that even Schizophrenics like me,can see beyond my psychosis
    symptoms,very clear biological reality.

    We shall see,if anyone can debunk my comment.

  • My crazy brothers and sisters!
    Political diversity is for normals,our enemy is Mental Health system!If we aren’t bound to
    it’s total demolition,regardless of jobs inside this system,then we are really crazy.There is
    no need,to look on angry psychologists or psychiatrists,all of them will be without jobs!You are
    fired!Because they claim or madness on meta-physic emotions or on three magical substances!
    They exclude hormones for our problems,because they don’t want to be normals,with hormones
    balance in their brains.And we crazy/mad have imbalance of hormones in our brains.My ideas
    are for your freedom.Science lied about hormones in this matter for 50 years or more.Start
    with new movement-Occupy NIMH,soon!Occupy outerior of this building and you won first
    battle for all crazy people in history.You have to gather 10 000+ people to get mainsteam
    media cover.Even 5000 there all the time is enough.We shall see now,who will prevent a
    real insane slavic superstar!I hope that this won’t be MIA.We agree on ends only,the means
    are in crazy hands now.We have our future in our hands,if you stood for what I wrote above.

    By the way the idea,that the most famous Slovenian ever will be your and>>our<< new
    first lady,is for me very sad reality.Make sure that I am more famous then she is,because I
    have real biological solution for our problems and this is all what we ever need.

  • Mental Health system kill in one year 3 millions of maniacs,as most of normal people,named us.System
    isn’t run by Neo-nazis,also not by eugenics.Yet somehow,kill more maniacs in one year,as Nazis killed them
    from 1933 to 1945.If you are crazy and you read my comment,remember this.As then,also now normals
    don’t give a damn about,how our crazy brethren is destroyed now,by legal chemical genocide.If you are crazy remember,Mental Health system is destroyer and enemy No.1 of all us,who are crazy.To all those who don’t
    agree with my comment-you are either normal or payed activists.

  • Schizophrenia
    The infamous >>mental<<illness.How we can end insanity of psychiatry here?
    Very simple.On real biological level Schizophrenia can be only triggered by some
    hallucinogenic substance in human brains.Dopamine or glutamat aren't in group
    of hallucinogenic substances.This is what Robert forget to mention.Sadly MIA act
    as supporter of Mental Health system in some way.Up to 3 millions of people die
    each year,because of this system insanity,across the world.I learned already,
    that most of system policies,are dictated from your NIMH.Only change will ever
    happened,if you will start with new movement-Occupy NIMH.Only when 10 000+
    people will occupy outerior of this cursed building and prevent them work there,
    some mainstream media cover,will finnaly inform entire world,of Mental Health
    system insanity.

    This is real-life activism,if anyone agree or not.

  • Mental Health system,kill up to 3 millions of people,each year.On global level.
    It’s logical that system existence benefict both pro-mental health movement
    and also anti-psychiatry movement.We talk about experts,of course.And payed
    activists from both siddes.One psychiatrist hand,won’t cut off,another psychiatrist
    hand.And same is with psychologists and psychotherapists.My crazy brethren
    have no right to say anything in so called western democracy bullshit or open
    society myth.Yes you can wrote your comments on websites and play invisible
    ghosts in society.This won’t change anything.Start with new movement:

  • The photo remind me on some execution chamber.Same as there,
    legal homocide,will go on.We have to admit,that Mental Health
    system is deathrow,for crazy people.And this insane system will
    go on forever,because I don’t see anyone capable,to challenge
    their allmighty insanity!To learn this,you have to be crazy.

  • OCD
    is hormones imbalance in human brains.Not serotonin imbalance.
    Interesting is here one thing.No-one from commentators on MIA
    blogs and same is with MIA staff,isn’t comfortble with such biology
    behind my knowledge.I can predict future with my knowledge.I can
    tell,that era of human DBS cyborgs is coming.Era,of massive forced
    laser lobotomies.Era,of bio-chemical detection of madness,trough
    blood and urine tests,for dopamine and serotonin natural levels
    in human brains.Hardly can anyone prevent such future,without
    even try,to challenge it.But I will,on my own.

  • Apperently many people on MIA blogs and forums really belief
    in existence of fictional mentality and mental illness.This give
    my crazy kind meta-physic mental component.And it’s really
    favor for Mental Health system.America invent this mentality,
    mental illness and Mental Health system.You have to exclude
    mentality from your missbeliefs,because this is vey stupid and
    delusive belief.Our mind is based on biological brains.This all
    what we have.Also madness is triggered by certain biological
    substances in my brains and same is,with any crazy person.
    This is all going mistery of modern science and it’s been known
    and confirmed in academics articles,for more then 40 years ago.
    Sadly MIA don’t consider me as important part,of any future
    campaign,which have to lead in either re-institute,or in total
    collapse of entire Mental Health system.This should be only real
    mission or goal of MIA.Anything less is dissarter for my crazy
    people on global level.

  • System and Pharmacy will survive Psychiatry down fall-if ever happened

    Psychiatry is excluded from medecine and from Mental Health system.
    Also no-longer exist as profession.This is clean victory for anti-psychiatry
    movement.Okay.Please don’t be stupid with beliefs,that no-one from
    other fields of medecine,can’t replaced psychiatrist role inside Mental
    Institutions.Also psychologists or psychotherapeuts can fit their role.
    Psychologists can’t scribe meds.So far.Also neurologists can be employed
    in Mental Institutions.Only eliminating psychiatry,won’t change this
    insane system.Psychotropic meds will outlive psychiatry down fall.
    Fight for human rights will start only,when Mental Health system,
    fictional mentality and mental illness are all dead and trash of history.

    Mental Health system=rebellion against biology and evolution.Started
    by both psychologists and psychiatrists.And victims of this rebellion.Only
    my crazy kind.

  • Even on wikipedia BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY is pseudo science,
    dealing with serotonin imbalance hypothesis-is proposed explain
    for phenomenon named depression.There is also this dopamine
    and glutamat hypothesis-proposed explain for really infamous
    phenomenon named Schizophrenia.

    Biological psychiatry and chemical imbalance are fraud and myth.
    Science treat my crazy kind,like their lives are phenomenon.This
    isn’t only psychiatry+ big pharma madeup.You are all to focused
    on both of them,but other parts of medecine and science are very
    connected in this dirty fraud.Existence mentality or mental illness is
    completly against biology and evolution.Also psychology was once
    based on brains-mind connection.Now is on brains-mentality lie.
    Simple is to make conclusion,that psychology do this in support
    of Mental Health system and in support and for existence of fictional
    mental illness.Some can also say,that psychology architect Mental
    Health system.At least many psychologists act as pharmacy gurues.

    Sorry for my bad english and to Author good post,but we all really need
    wider display of phenomenon named mental illness.

  • Until Mental Health system exist,so does mental illness.
    Anti-psychiatry movement didn’t realized,that psychiatry
    is part of this cursed system.We then need anti-Mental
    Health system movement.In America no-one can make
    unexcusable exclude of others.And anti-Mental Health
    movement,will do exactly this.But this is not American
    way.Imagine all psychologists and psychiatrists,without
    jobs and work.A lot of angry people.I shouldn’t wrote
    this one.But I did,for you my crazy brethren.

  • If someone want to decorate his room with asylum wall kit-so be it.
    They have right to do so.And you protest,because of this halloween
    market sensation?Mental Health system insane policy,take each day
    thousands of lives,also from your country.And this is more important
    reason for protest,then asylum wall kit.Certainly whit such leadership,
    which will also protest more for criminals,then for those who suffer
    just because they are different,my crazy kind is utterly doomed on
    global scale.You won’t save even your own people,with such insanity.

  • People who participate in anti-psychiatry movement are one of reasons,
    for my crazy kind decline.This is,because they are only against psychiatry,
    but they aren’t against Mental Health system.Psychiatry is part of this
    system,if you didn’t realized this,so far.Also psychology is part of Mental
    Health system.One thing is certain.Until this system exist,so does mental
    illness.Psychology won’t trigger demolition of this system.They have to
    many jobs in this system,much as psychiatry have.And we,who are
    crazy are doomed,until this rebellion against biology is going on.This
    is infamous rebellion,done by psychologists and psychiatrists.Which
    give my crazy kind only death,pain and misery.That’s the truth and
    no-one will prevent me,to wrote about it!

  • Open Dialogue
    won’t change anything,on global scheme for my crazy kind.WHO conventions give
    us nothing,UN resolution from 1991,solve nothing.System will go forward,with it’s
    insane policy against my crazy kind,until my crazy kind starts with global protests,
    against this system.Sad that WHO,APA,NIMH acts with policy of exclude,well also
    they can be excluded as well.For those of us,who have scars on our bodies and
    in our minds,thanks to Mental Health system,is alliance with any Mental Health
    expert,hardly possible.Policy of exclude,is all what represent Mental Health
    system and group of few Mental Health experts,won’t change this system.
    I lost two of my relatives in our mental institutions and barely escape same
    fate.Same insanity of this system,is represented all over this world.This isn’t
    one state,one country,one nation problem.It’s global problem and policy of
    exclude,is only digging graves,not giving any thrust or hope.

  • PTSD
    shouldn’t exist for 40 years.Much as any so called mental illness.Of course
    hormones,can’t be reason for PTSD,or any other mental illness.This is
    belief of most experts in insane Mental Health system.Same is with both
    neurology and endocrinology.A big,fat lie.Rebellion against biology and
    evolution.It’s victim-my crazy kind.If anyone think,that LSD or weed
    should be solution for this-same dissaster as current psychotropic meds.
    My insane slavic mastermind is prepare to help anyone who will
    sacrifice his own career,for my crazy kind.

  • Matt
    Don’t frightened your own crazy kind.They are enough scared of Mental institutions.Certainly
    you didn’t meet slavic primal maniac,as I am.And no-one order me around.I doubt,that is case
    for you.Because if you are part of any organisation,you still have a boss.You can’t think,with your
    free mind on your own.MIA mistake is,that doesn’t as official leader someone,who is clinical
    insane by standards of psychology and psychiatry.Someone who is very controversial and
    who will offend psychology and psychiatry.And normal people as well.This sure not be very
    welcomed by many here,but indeed public attention is all what matters.Even angry one.
    There are hundreds of forbidden topics in USA,which aren’t excepted by normal population.

  • Current treatments for Schizophrenia are based on dopamine imbalance hypothesis.
    Schizophrenia is by 21st century science standards,still phenomenon.They only add
    glutamat imbalance hypothesis.This is on wikipedia,impossible that such fraud
    don’t get public attention.But sadly my brethren,we act as phenomenon,as well.
    Despite all evil of mental health system against us,very few have courage to say
    anything against them.In Europe,there isn’t state control-outpatient commitment,
    over me.This is very first thing,which you have to change.This is in fact,against any
    values and laws of real democracy.You are victims of Mental Health system regime.

  • Well this confirm,what academics know for decades.That only human hormones
    are reason,for any so called mental illness.Biology won always,but my crazy kind
    suffer and dying,because of rebellion against biology.And this is all,what Mental
    Health system is about.Sadly no-one ever listen to primal maniacs,as I am.Those
    who are aware and know,what is real reason for so called madness.It’s imbalance
    of human hormones in my brains.Those who are against this,are either psychiatrists
    or psychologists.Guilty one’s list,include entire neuroscience and endocrinology.
    Medecine and Pharmacy,as hammer of maniacs.The dark era of science,can be
    over,if people will stand against debunked lies of modern science.

  • At least no-one give any attention to wikipedia.Depression is phenomenon,serotonin imbalance as hypothesis
    is proposed explain for it.Sometimes,only crazy people can connect,what can’t be connected.Even on wikipedia,you can find,that entire science in 21st century dealing with hypothesis and phenomenon in matter,of so called mental illness.But biology can explain just everything-real reason for any mental illness are our hormones.Those who oppose this,are either psychologists or psychiatrists.Our employers of Mental Health
    system.Humans are guided by hormones,that is evolution and biology.Nothing special about it.Mental Health
    system,is rebellion against biology,evolution and my crazy kind in first place.Nature freak I am,not mental.
    In abscence of biology,mentality prevails.There are still some strong,primal maniacs,as I am.Certainly they
    are only from slavic crazy kind.All others are easily controlled,by psychology or psychiatry.At least my fellow
    crazy brethren from USA,you can see real primal madness inside you,now.If you will pay some attention to my comments here,you will be free of mental health issues.

  • SSRIs antidepressants are based on serotonin hypothesis.Even by nowadays science standards,depression is
    still phenomenon.Mental Health system,WHO,BIG PHARMA are responsible for horrible situation and they
    don’t care how many people will die,under their false policy.Suicide prevention trough BIG PHARMA products,
    won’t change anything.Only our crazy kind united,against Mental Health system,can with protests change
    something in future.No protest-no existence.We are like ghosts and this the best for them.