Monday, February 17, 2020

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  • I seriously doubt my comment will be posted, considering the content of this webpage as a whole, but I’ll try anyway. I saw this article on Yahoo. I never would have found out about this foundation otherwise, so I guess money well spent for getting Yahoo to pick up this article?

    Although the experience this woman went through is tragic, it is not the norm, by far. In contrast to her experience, an antidepressant has saved my life. I’ve had what is now called “double depression” since I was a teenager, although it went undiagnosed until my twenties. Many other treatment modalities were tried first before they prescribed antidepressants, and the other treatment modalities were not effective for me by themselves. We tried 3-4 different antidepressants before finding the one I currently take (I will not say what it is, other than that it is a newer kind, because it is irrelevant to my point). The antidepressant, in combination the non-pharmaceutical treatment modalities (exercise, therapy with a psychologist, meditation, nutrition), was what made the difference for me. I went off of them unintentionally once, and intentionally a couple of other times, and my symptoms always returned. One time it triggered a particularly bad episode where I actually started planning my suicide. So yes, I know for a fact in my particular case, an antidepressant has saved my life.

    Please understand, I’m not saying this is for everyone, and I do agree that drugs such as antidepressants can be overprescribed or inappropriately prescribed in some cases (as with many other health conditions). However, to make such blanket statements that they are always ineffective, any benefits reported are merely attributed to placebo, or somehow inherently dangerous, is irresponsible. I, as well as many, many others out there like me, are living proof of that. Now, go ahead and rip me apart in the replies and tell me how I’m fooled by “The System” and/or it’s only placebo that made the difference.