Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Comments by Michael Z Freeman

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  • I must admit at the beginning of these measures I thought about everyone else “this is your punishment” for ignoring the plight of the traumatised and distressed, preyed upon by psychiatry, for decades. But what it really displays is people’s slavish following of medical advice. Reading Wilhelm Reich’s The Murder of Christ has really bought home to me the seriousness of the cover up of real health science and understanding. The book was written in 1950, a much darker time. Now we at least have Somatic Experiencing that is teaching Reich’s discoveries to so many without even mentioning Reich. Reich, like myself, was very outspoken. A fearless critic of societies ignoring of real cures and of rejection of responsibility. I see this whole “measures” situation as having come out of that. But as the Chinese say “Who’s to say what’s good or bad?”. I wonder if ultimately so many people have had their faith in “what the experts say” badly shaken. Good !

  • So this guy is a Marxist ? He claims that he is not endorsing regimes like the former Soviet Union and Communism yet all these regimes who have killed millions were based on Marxism. Again I’m forced to identify what I’ve seen over years and years, especially in my days of very Left wing politics. People are subjected to severe human rights abuses. Socialist Worker comes along waving their banners claiming they are going to save everyone with their “class struggle”. This has been going on for decades and psychiatry and pharma are still there ruining life’s. Does anyone really believe in these Marxists any more ?

  • @KateL Don’t be ashamed of “lashing out” as you put it. That’s self defence. Are you in the UK ? I have experienced the following myself. It’s IDENTICAL … “Mainly people in my real life just think I’m a loser, that I wallow in anger, that I play the victim, or that I need to find a new psychiatrist and “get back on my meds”. They see it as, I’ve had so much “help” and I stubbornly refused to be helped by the help. I guess for now I need to find a way to validate myself. I also have a ton of shame because I don’t like that I lash out at people when I feel like they’re putting me down” … This is the appalling system of cruelty that psychiatry in the UK has setup. I even get this from many (but not all) Samaritans on their support line. But not from Samaritans in the USA. I use a cheap dialling number ( 0845 108 5190 ) to phone USA Samaritans USA – samaritansusa.org and they have always had the utmost respect for me. I feel embarrassed having to call them but they said it was OK. Are we dealing with a widespread social problem in the UK ? The most obtuse, sneaky forms of bullying and mind games have become epidemic. Their prey are those marked by psychiatry as a legitimate target for discrimination, authorised by psychiatrists. Mostly I just laugh at so many people’s (but by no means all) attitude towards me as a “loser” as you put it as I am fully aware of all the battles I’ve won and things I’ve achieved. Most bullies usually have very low self esteem and the bullying comes from a place of envy or jealousy.

  • Many of them are not just “a bit dim”. They are extreme perpetrators who are hired by organised crime syndicates and individual perpetrators to silence victims and cover up for forms of organised crime. They are also an extreme social control system. LOOK at the Child Soldier phenomenon. THAT proves the case. If electroshock is SO beneficial then it would be used on child soldiers in United Nations rehabilitation centers but is not. You people are like what is portrayed in the film Demolition Man. You are totally clueless and naive about the reality of the types of crime and corruption in medical systems and government that we are dealing with as a society. Find out the truth ! Demand that action is taken from your politicians or even better elect someone who will do the job rather than keeping us all in the dark. This “let’s pretend everything is OK” has to stop. We are not dealing with people who just “don’t know any better” (although there may be a few of those).

  • Policy is not changing because Psychiatry is being used for the control of victims of extreme perpetration and cover up of the crimes for the perpetrators. Electroshock is cited as “helpful for those with trauma”. If that’s the case why are the U.N. not using it on child soldiers they rehabilitate in their centers ? See The Alchemy of Wolves and Sheep: A Relational Approach to Internalized Perpetration in Complex Trauma Survivors https://www.amazon.com/Alchemy-Wolves-Sheep-Internalized-Perpetration-ebook/dp/B00G6MOOT4