Monday, February 17, 2020

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  • Your article seems to throw all psych meds under the bus so to say. For a great many, and more than less the do save lives. Yes like ANY medication there can be devastating issues for patients that get covered up by drug companies as we now see years later with lawsuits, not just psych meds either. The article can do harm to those that would benefit by medication that will help. I know I would have killed myself long ago had it not be for the medication that I take daily. Not all meds work the same on each disorder that’s why there are different meds, just like any other medical problems. A Women don’t take viagra and men don’t use IUD’s. It devastating what happened to you. Please don’t let that cloud the real fact that them so help many people. This article is read my a large group. Many who may be looking for help and now won’t or won’t be willing to trust a psychiatrist and medication that can help.