Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • I am the son of a psychiatrist. My story is different, but the psychological (re)actions of your mother and mine are vastly similar. Yours is dead. Mine isn’t. I understood it was something like SMbP when I read my medical records, roughly 5 years ago. I now spend a huge amount of time, effort and money attempting to hide away from psychiatry.

    What I find astonishing in my scenario, dunno about yours, is the almost sect-like identification of the caregiver with all the culture (as a whole) of psychiatry, with the added cherry-picking of psychoanalytical moral values or whatever cultural opinion may value their role as a caregiver. The lies in the medical records are always directed at upholding this status as the good caregivers, and also serve specific purposes concerning the child’s future, however misguided. It’s kind of a parody of wilful compliance for the sake only of compliance. On the child’s end, you do not even need to be non-compliant to be declared as non-compliant. You are already thought of as sick and non-compliant, the game is simply to make up a show around that.

    What is so “funny” (no it’s not…) is that the medical record concerning my second forced commitment (where she appointed herself as my primary care physician, and my psychiatrist) essentially records my mother’s discourse on me. It goes to great length to describe me as a schizophrenic using a mix of symptom exaggeration and fabrication, as well as freudian self-description/self-deception. You can read the SMbP symptoms in there almost line by line. You simply have to drop the psychiatric or psychoanalytic frame of mind when reading the record, and they lie there. Openly.

    Then you get to know the psychiatric literature in details to know where you stand in the whole darn picture.

    That’s when you know you’re definitely screwed, and that you will have to go in hiding until she dies.

    One of the most shocking experiences after all that is that, when I opened up and asked my insurance what to do about the whole mess, the written answer was: “SMbP is a pathology that should be treated in psychiatry”.