Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • I’ve been to clinics, psych wards, intensive outpatient facilities. I remember the make up of the groups. My opinions have not changed. I’m sorry if you feel that too many white people are taking control of this movement/making decisions about your wellbeing. Personally, I don’t give a shit what race these people are as long and they have good ideas, look honestly at the facts, and have sound arguments. I don’t believe that our goals are so separate that it makes much of a difference

  • Look, I’m not about to go through all those things and figure out those demographics. I respect you and trust that you have a valid point. I also don’t know of any local movement related events to attend (I’m from Jackson, MS) But honestly the only thing I see that might be problematic is the leadership roles in movement related organizations being skewed. As far as Facebook groups and participation in yada yada is concerned, these are all voluntary based on individual decisions. I really doubt that some Facebook group would deny access to minorities. I mostly browse just this website, and I see a good amount of diversity in the postings, and several articles specifically regarding race (like this one). I just don’t know how much of this is due really to systematic oppression as opposed to voluntary participation

  • I’m not denying that minorities need to be more empowered in this movement. I agree that psychiatry treats them worse. But I don’t think what really amounts to unconscious bias in this movement should be called, across the board, racism. Lets reserve that term for the real assholes. And, as I’ve mentioned, I don’t see how these issues completely stall the movement, nor do I completely understand what you mean by the environments of antipsychiatry

  • The majority of the fucking population is white. This is not a moral evaluation, it’s just a fact. So it doesn’t surprise me that the majority of people in this movement are white. And I don’t think that I and of itself that is a problem. Of course I think that people from all backgrounds should have an equal opportunity to voice their concerns about psychiatry, but does that mean we need to meet some kind of quota? I’m not denying that minorities are mistreated worse in psychiatric institutions. I’ve noticed in my own experience that minority people or poor people are more targeted. But I’m willing to stand behind anyone, regardless of race, who challenges psychiatry. The numbers, the demographics, shit, even the people themselves aren’t what’s most important to me. It’s the ideas that I’m concerned about, specifically the ideas challenging psychiatry’s intellectual and legal authority. I’m not interested in infighting

  • I’m not using the KKK as an example of systematic racism. I’m using it as an example of a clearly racist movement. You’re misunderstanding me. I think it’s strange to say it’s a symptom of something. That’s so abstract it means practically nothing. People aren’t exactly this amorphous collective mass. Individuals consciously decide to join movements like the KKK. It’s not necessarily a reflection of all society.

  • As far as the antipsychiatry movement is concerned, how do the visions and ideas of people of color differ from white people? We seem to all want a similar thing. When I think of racism, I think conscious, systematic oppression, or overt hostility. I don’t see this in this movement. To be honest I don’t see why this movement being majority white is such a problem in and of itself. That, of course, does not mean I wish to suppress others views. I’m not sure what exactly you mean by the environments of this movement. Do you mean online sources like this website? Is there an antipsychiatry headquarters located in a specific location? I’m relatively anonymous posting on this website.
    I’m not denying that the “environments” in this country are tailored to white yada yada yada etc, but then again I don’t see how this movement in particular movement is defined by these problems, nor do I understand why these problems somehow stop the movement. These are problems that are much bigger than this movement, that likely won’t be solved soon, but that doesn’t mean that all activity across the nation is stalled

  • So now the anti-psychiatry movement is racist? Give me a fucking break. Besides some perhaps ill advised word choices, it clearly has no racist agenda whatsoever. And though I personally wouldn’t use the term psychiatric slavery, I don’t think comparisons to the holocaust are totally inappropriate, considering the large role psychiatry played in the holocaust, plus the similar situation in America with forced sterilizations and whatnot. Can we please not use such broad generalizations about a movement that genuinely wants to help people?