Thursday, May 19, 2022

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  • This is perhaps the one thing that I found lacking in your expose –

    There is no mention why you were hospitalized, then situation related, or their justification you are dangerous and thus need to be drugged.

    Also, I would STRONGLY URGE you to take a more legal and rights based approach – and if you are so denied in your petition – Sue the Judge for a Writ of Mandamus. This is of course not legal advice – but just the general notion that you must use legal procedure in a courtroom.

    You should also see texts such as

    As you constitutionally have the right to refuse drugs unless you are presently and imminently dangerous. As soon as that last statement is true – the authority to drug you must cease.

  • @OldHead

    One thing really resonated with my own beliefs:

    “If the “mental health pros” on this site want to put their money where their mouths are, they should start organizing a group of themselves and their colleagues to provide free or low-cost expert testimony for people like Eric when they find themselves in these situations.”

    I wholeheartedly agree. Problem is, I don’t think they can do this unless they are “treating” you personally.

    Otherwise, they can be gone after for malpractice..

  • “No, I think this article is crap,”

    Which article?

    ” and there is no way to prove that neuroleptics are effective in the long run, since they are not.”

    So why did you post it?

    “To my knowledge, all follow-up studies beyond two years prove without exception that neuroleptics aggravate psychosis in the long term, even when relatively little dose is taken.”

    So comparing them to creationist is an apt one – no?

  • Oh and @Syvain

    I have been on Risperdal, Cogentin, and one other I can’t think of – that was one time. When I stopped taking it – it caused an episode.

    Then there was Latuda and Trileptal – ruined my sexuality.
    So we switched to Vraylar – I literally couldn’t stand still or sleep. So, buspar and trazodone – later to be buspar and ambien.
    Then I started getting tardive dyskinesia – so that was changed to olanzapine which had me, a man, growing breasts. This was also in response to me complaining about sexual size effects – like no longer holding an erection and no semen when I did manage to ejaculate.

    So go on.. put yourself on one to prove how safe they are.

  • @Sylvain

    It should be removed. Precisely for the reason I said. You claimed that this paper should use some other method that paitient safety.

    So why don’t you try a antipsychotic. I mean they are so safe that you can force them down people’s throat over just a bit of psychosis. Now the courts say that you need to demonstrate that a person is a danger to self or others – but all this translates to is psychosis is a danger to self and others.

    Plus, you know if they can give it to kids because they are so safe – then before you continue your crap about how 1 year is long term – when it isn’t and the cry of censorship – why don’t you just put yourself on a life long treatment of an antipsychotic.

    I recommend you try Risperdal. It will ruin your life to the point where even if you were semi charmed – you will be so mad and angry with the world suicide will begin to make a lot more sense. Then after you are taking the drug, blow up like a balloon, and everyone sees how crazy you are-

    Let’s talk. Then you can tell me how safe these drugs are “long term” and how they prevent “psychosis” – like that is the most important thing in the world.

    Then if that doesn’t do it for you – we will immediately remove you from the drug – and watch to see if after even just a few weeks on it if you can maintain your sanity.

    When you can’t we will label you “crazy” and every time the police are called that will be the reason in their mind so you know you’ll get a fair shake as they repeatedly drive you to the hospital in handcuffs even though no law has been broken.

  • “World Psychiatry is the number 1 ranked journal in Social Science Citation Index and has a phenomenal impact factor (a rating of how often articles are cited in a particular journal). A journal with this reputation would naturally have a low acceptance rate. Whitaker — or anyone who submits there — shouldn’t be surprised when their work is rejected. Rejection from a journal like World Psychiatry is far more likely to be a function of competition for space than some nefarious plot.”

    Yeah right. And if these “doctors” really have their patients best interest in mind – they would publish anything that warns of potential dangers before they publish anything else. You act as though publishing “the next great drug’s” marketing material deserves equal weight to harm reduction – or even worse they should just print things on some subjective basis other than protecting patients.

    Every single psychiatrist has lied to me. They all have. About the effects of the drug and even that my experiences with these effects were not the drug. When complaining of sexual sides effects these “doctors” are very nonchalant about an effect that is very disturbing. My last “doctor” claimed that it wasn’t the drug but the fact I was overweight. This, even while, the changing of medications modulated the effect. That same doctor then scolded me for not being grateful as she was giving me services “at a discount” and even said that my concern wasn’t hers and had nothing to do with her role in my health. Her role, as she put it, was simply related to and regarding mood. She even, then, implied that my mood was to contributing factor to my distress and symptoms.

    These effects are still lingering months after discontinuing the medication. And if you aren’t depressed or distressed – just wait until you find out that “treatment” may remove you from ever having a family of your own as they destroy your ability to reproduce. Yeah, that’s right – semen production almost completely stops. Not one “doctor” told me about this as a possibility – even while informed consent laws mandate them to do so.