Friday, October 15, 2021

Comments by Ashton

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  • Involuntary treatment makes me so angry. The right to bodily autonomy goes out the window when it’s decided that we’re ill. When it’s decided, by a group of staff members, that it’s in our best interests to be hospitalized/medicated/restrained.

    Not to mention, “voluntary” hospitalization becomes involuntary the moment you decide to leave. Ever try to leave against medical advice? I have. I didn’t get to leave. Shocking.

  • >Psychiatric hospitals are prisons, they aren’t hospitals, and no amount of double talk is going to change that situation.

    Psychiatric hospitals are often worse than prisons–you have fewer rights as a psychiatric patient. By law prisoners have the right to a trial, the right to speak to a lawyer, the right to go outside for an hour per day. Prisoners aren’t forced to take medications to “help” them (sometimes, even when they’re out of the hospital!). Prisoners aren’t forcibly restrained with Haldol for “self-harm” or any other reason.

  • Most facilities don’t allow cell phones. The staff likes to isolate you from the outside world and they don’t want pictures taken, either. If people could see the inside of mental health facilities, and experience the same things patients experience, they’d be outraged. I hope more pictures are posted.