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  • I’ve no idea why this site does not allow replies after a certain point regardles of that, moving on.

    Steve, I could easily use the same reverse logic on you. No one has yet established that it does not carry a biological marker. The assertion made in this ‘article’ however I can say, from personal experience, is NOT accross the board accurate. Meaning…there is clearly more at play here than the very simplistic ideas you people are putting forth. Once more, you cannot claim there is a direct link and people with bipolar disorder only get it because they are ‘abused as a child’ or whatever when you have people that have bipolar disorder that do not go through any of that. Again, you people fail to understand this. There is more going on than any science currently knows, we just havent gotten there yet to be able to understand it fully. Your continued stance of refusing to consider other possibilites as causes, despite evidence that people have this without having gone through childhood abuse or trauma or what have you is the exact definition of being close minded.

    So, once more, my points that I have been making all along. The ‘link’ between abuse and bipolar disorder may well exist. The abusive situations, however, may be a result rather than a cause, and could use more studying. However, that is clearly not the single cause and there is far more to it that we do not yet know. Repeatedly stating things like this article and many people down here have done simply causes far more harm to those with this ilness. It is insulting and dismissive, and the exact reason so many of us choose to end our lives.

  • Except what you just said you dont do, is precisely what you all are doing. You people dont believe this is an actual illness, well it is. You people dont believe people can just be born with this sort of thing, well we can. You people want to complain about the system and the drugs and chidlhood trauma being triggers, well, Im not disagreeing that those can be factors. However, while I have continuely accepted those as valid, every one of you people has been condescending and dismissive of my actual points. I dont care whether you feel that drugs can help or not, that is not even remotely close to the point Ive been making. My point has always been that there are more factors at play here than the very simplistic approach this writer of this article is making. For people that claim to be open minded, you all certainly jump to conclusions without considering actual facts.

  • Are you the writer of the article? Then how was I ‘calling you’ anything. Even if you were, I did not even call that guy anything, I said ‘being seen as’.

    I used the term as hyperbole, clearly, as there is not such as the devil, just as their can be default be no such thing as an ‘ethical pastor’. Someone whose job it is to deceive large numbers of people cannot be ethical.

    Your use of quotes around serious mental illnesses shows your dismissive attitude of them. THIS is a major issue. You, just like the writer, and so many people here clearly do not understand what this life is like. Also, once more I point out that I have been UNMEDICATED for all but the briefest of times in over two decades with this. The point here being all of you misguided people that assert that ‘the drugs themselves caused it’ and ‘the childhood trauma’ caused it…I am a perfect example of how both of those assertions are completely inaccurate as an across the board reason. Can there be cases in which those assertions are correct? Sure there can be. I havent denied that. Nor have I said not to treat those things with therapy, again as I do not use medication either…you would think you people would get that. My point is merely those are NOT THE ONLY FACTORS IN THIS. Continuing to assert that they are, only damages those who need help. Which, again, judging by the attitude of the people here, Im pretty sure no one on this blog actually cares about any of that.

    By the way, sorry about your “broken bone”. Hope it “healed correctly” and you are “doing well”.

  • For some reason the site isnt giving me an option to reply to your newest post.

    Anyway, yes, that is the reason for the additional blind diagnoses over the years. Again, many many years apart, different doctors and counselors that I intentionally did not give the previous information to just for that reason. All of them came to the same conclusions on their own.

  • I’ve actually been diagnosed a few times over, by different doctors that were unaware of previous diagnoses. I did that on purpose, as I realize (particularly with something as multi spectral as biopoal) it is a very difficult diagnosis to make. The initial time was in my late teens, after an initial diagnosis of ‘depression’. I was given prozac at the time, and immediately became much worse. After a few other incidents within that first week, including a black out episode in which I nearly murdered a neighbor with my bare hands, I was taken back to the doctor and got that first diagnosis as bipolar. Many years later, I once again sought help and after some testing, was again diagnosed as bipolar, this time ‘type 2’. Then once more, many years later through my county health department saw three different people working together on three different days (so they could observe various moods) and once again was diagnosed as ‘fairly classic, bipolar 2’ though the counselor that was part of that observation did say that I am an expert at pretending to be normal.

    So basically, over the course of twenty plus years I have had a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, two counselors and psychologist all with many years of experience all agree on the same diagnosis observing me at many different times in my life.

  • It is unfortunate that you completely misunderstood my point. Im pretty sure I made no mention of medications being the fix here, in fact I would have thought my comment about being unmedicated most of the time would have sufficed to indicate I wasnt talking about that at all.

    You should be commended, however, for finding the balance that works for you and making it through and achieving your educational goals. However, your comment does illustrate the same issue that the…writer…of this article has, and that is you were so focused on making your own point you missed the other information thats there.

    Yes, absolutely, abusive childhoods can leave all sorts of lasting scars. There is no one on earth that would argue that point (I hope). The point, however, is not whether thats a possibility, its that if something also exists when you remove that factor, then there is something else at play.

    It would be like saying ‘Hmmm… well, research shows everyone that has ever had cancer has drank water in their lives. Clearly, water causes cancer.’ Thats basically the attitude this writer as about bipolar disorder. Well, in this case there are also plenty of people that never ‘drank water’, I.E. were abused, that still developed this illness. Meaning, there is more here at play than he wants to believe.

    Essentially, this guy, and so many others, seek to dismiss the hell those of us with serious mental illnesses go through by saying ‘Its cause you were bullied. Get over it. Nothing is actually wrong with you.’ THAT is the problem here, that attitude, and I have a problem with that. Thats why so many like me do not get treated. Thats why so many like me do not reach out. That is why so many like me end up committing suicide.

    Next time, perhaps this ‘writer’ will think a little more before posting something like this.

  • As someone that has suffered from bipolar disorder for over two decades, and untreated 99.9 percent of that time, I have a unique perspective.

    First, I was never abused as a child, sexually or otherwise. Second, I was never put on any medication at all as a child. My first attempt at medications was late teens, long after my symptoms had been presenting and making my life a living hell.

    So, I can say with certainty, both of the assumptions being made here (that its abuse related, or the effect of medicating something else at a young age etc) are wrong.

    Perhaps your view is skewed the wrong way. Consider this, the things that go along with having bipolar disorder, the behaviors one presents at different times, would make them greater targets for abuse and bullying. Rather than the abuse causing the illness, it is the illness that invites the abuse.

    There is an intense feeling of isolation with this illness. By pushing these sorts of misguided hypotheses, it reinforces to those suffering from this that there is no help for them out there. It comes across as though you in the psychological professions are being dismissive of what we go through. Trust me when I say that living like this is akin to being in hell every single day. Far too often, those like yourselves that are supposed to help end up being seen as the devil. Pieces like this…are why.