Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • Dear author,

    Have we met? You clearly know me. I appreciate that you’ve validated my life. It’s almost impossible these days. I see obvious authoritarianism and compliance as if that is a good thing when the situation doesn’t require it or its just something pointless, a reason for someone to flex muscles and prove to themselves or you that they have power over you. Im basically for freedom, not anti-authoritarian. Im really just Anti-uslesspointlessadvantagetakingforprofitorpoliticalgainslavecreatingian. Like you said, I would gladly pay attention to and follow any leader who has the people’s true freedom or best interest in mind. I see this the bad authoritarianism every single day. Ever see something bad and a person or company tries to dress it up as a good thing for YOU and you are supposed to bow down and like it or become an outcast or jobless? This is the fault of Bernays hands-down. His children’s children can go to hell. He made this so widespread that its beyond help. He wrecked the world. Oh on another note, you have your politics all wrong unless you are a Stein fan. Alinsky while maybe cool to you, has no morals. Hillary has even less morals. She is the cash crooked authoritarian. Even Alinsky would be sickened by her. Trump can still break this pattern. He woke up half the country to it. Havent seen anyone else do that. Ill follow him for now, unless he sells us out too.