Sunday, August 7, 2022

Comments by Diane Smith

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  • Not everyone reacts the same to each med. Some people do get terrible side effects that are usually listed in the paperwork that you get with the med. But some people get tremendous results with meds. So it’s a question of do you want to try meds to see if you feel better from a certain med. If that med doesn’t work you try another.

    If it’s a question of having a life or spending your life depressed, lethargic, on disability because you can’t hold a job… then to me I will try the meds and see what results I get.

  • Anyone who has something to sell is going to spin their results in a flattering way to make more money. Remember tobacco sales, commercials… they knew all along how deadly smoking was for people. They didn’t care at all. Money is the bottom line.

    Until profit is removed from certain industries this will continue to happen. Or until people become honest and put people’s lives before profit. Which I doubt will ever happen. So we have to hope and depend that there are honest people doing peer review work and have no
    ties to any pharmaceutical companies so that they can be bought.
    Also, it would be very helpful if the government put the people first. And protected the people they are being paid to serve. But most of them don’t. And they accept campaign money from the biggest Satanic snakes on the planet. And it’s not just our government. Do you really think that the Chinese enjoy not being able to go outside on certain days because their air is exceptionally filthy? How come Canada has to run “their” oil sludge pipelines through the US and we don’t get a dime from them. We only get poisoned water. Now the Clinton Foundation got billions from the Canadian oil barons in the form of donations. All of this is a sickness in our society. I feel sorry for the average person who is busting his and her butts everyday.

  • I have no doubt that taking meds may not be the best way to treat people who are depressed but until someone comes up with a better way what do you propose?
    I am not saying that the Cochrane review was not a bunch of bologna, which it definitely sounds like it was. And I know that pharmaceutical companies spin their findings in the most flattering way but I am at a loss as to help people who desperately need more than talk therapy. I have seen people have amazing results with depression meds.

  • Depression is a fraud?! Then what do you label the symptoms? I am an LPC and I myself have mild clinical depression and an anxiety disorder. Taking meds was life changing for me. As well as for many of my clients. No one wants to take meds if they don’t need them. It depends on how the client is able to function day to day. I don’t push meds unless it is strongly indicated and then I will strongly recommend trying a med to see if their mood improves. How can you say that the illness is a fraud? What do you base you opinion on? What do you propose to do to help people who are suffering? Is there a better way to help people? I am always open to hear new theories. I also believe that taking meds does mess with your brain chemistry and I bet they are a bitch to stop. I have no intention of coming off of my meds. I don’t know of any other way to help people who clearly need more than therapy. My clients’ health means a lot to me. if there is a better way to help them then let’s hear it.

    Peter wrote all of these papers and yet he doesn’t say how on earth to help people who need help desperately. Is there a better way to help people? People should not be prescribed meds right away unless it is strongly indicated but for true clinical depression how does he propose that we help people function on a daily basis?