Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • Hay there
    I tapped from seroquel 200 quite slowly, but when getting to ziro got the insomia. Took me few days to deside what to do. Its hard to think during this thing.
    Desided to go back to it, have a very good doctor, she put me on 400xr, am now 4 monthes later, but the insomnia fingertips dont leave: Still I am not developing tieredness, cant have a nap. dont sleep good at all. Cant meditate. Hard time falling a sleep even with aids. The doctor says the sleep will be better but the others will not.
    Will love to hear if someone got a solution for that. I didn”t find any similar case in the web. Here, in madinamerica it mentioned that the tieredness do comes back, after up to 2 years, but that if you dont restart the drug.