Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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  • Olga you are a diamond in the rough my dear! you can consider yourself very lucky you managed to get away from psychiatry where im from in Australia if you end up the public mental health system with a diagnosis of schizophrenia its pretty much game over as far as the drugging gos with very little chance of ever having a drug free life if your caught out not taking your oral medication (drugs) then they just inject you with some anti-psychotic (drug). Like others out there i refer to this form of treatment as rather a form of NAZISM given what we know about these drugs now especially the long term outcomes you certainly would not give these drugs thinking it was in the best interest of the patient.. But im glad there will be survivors like yourself of this Holocaust that has hit mostly first world countries regarding the colossal damage that Psychiatry has caused over the last 40 years… Thanks for telling us your story and speaking out!

  • And thank you Kim for your comment well put!!! What you say is so true …where are all these lawyers and human rights organizations pushing to try and keep our people here alive who have ended up in our mental health system…Now that our government is once again on the war path by removing our DSP pensions ??? People like myself are being told we are now fit for the work force again with what could only be described also as Alice In Wonderland like programs such as work for the dole and provide job placement agencies and training for us to somehow make use of by helping us find jobs that don’t even exist in the first place. and to cap it all off mutual commitment to make it absolutely certain if you survive the work for the dole and job agencies and training programs you will still end up losing your employment benefits sooner or latter. Centrelink and all these agencies training institutions it ties itself into are completely unsympathetic to the plight of people like myself and do not want to understand how impossible it is for people like myself to find suitable jobs given the amount of stigmatization we face in the outside world add to this all the unethical treatment i and many others have been forced to endure for many years now from our government run mental health systems. Centrelink really tripped themselves up recently by telling me i now have a temporary condition so they can reject any more medical certificates from my Doctor making my life much more difficult since i will now have to somehow comply with all of these demands they will now place on me or risk losing my unemployment benefits. If that is the case the least you think they could do is remove this mental illness diagnosis now that Centrelink regard it as being a temporary one from people like myself but i guarantee you they wont.
    LET THIS BE A WARNING to anyone reading this post who is currently in our Mental Health System and also ended up becoming dependent on our Welfare system both of these systems are now crashing and burning the government policy is quite clear sooner or latter you will end up losing all of your welfare..And if you really do become unwell and need to go to Hospital and try and admit yourself as a voluntary patient you will be told no bed is available for you… This is what happens when peoples greed runs out of control and is left unchecked for to many years and with no watchdog looking over governments like Australia’s shoulder to make sure all of our people are being treated in a decent humane and ethical manner as possible. Sad to say Australia is ending up day by day becoming more like Nazi Germany… with the state we now have that cannot even look after our own people by providing a welfare system anymore especially those who have ended up in our Mental Health System and a universal health care system that is either unwilling or capable of providing any care leaving our people literally out in the cold who have ended up in our Mental Health System or worse people such as Garth who have ended up being tortured by this system needless to say it will prove to be a killer combination for many …As you mentioned Kim Doctors,governments,lawyers human rights organizations and commissions have all been absolutely complicit in making this now unfolding catastrophe happen.

  • Great to hear the news on Garth Daniels but only time will tell how much he can recover from his horrific experience with our Mental Health System here in Australia. I would like to point out that Garth is one of many victims of a very corrupt system we now find ourselves with here in Australia. The 2 main issues we need to address firstly to at least reduce the amount of people ending up being diagnosed that would have an effect on reducing the numbers of people who end up becoming victims. With Psychiatry in epidemic proportions here thats not going to be easy to do intimately the goal should be to abolish Psychiatric diagnosis altogether given the deadly way its being used to force Psychiatric drugging and ECT on our people here.. As has been pointed out in many books over the years these supposed Mental Illnesses mentioned in the DSM5 are not based in proper medical science and even if these conditions could be proven it still cannot justify continuing to use Psychiatric Drugs and ECT now that we know beyond any reasonable doubt that these medical interventions are harmful at best and with some people they prove lethal at their worst. Secondly if we are going to continue down this very destructive path we should at least have a proper legal process for people who end up in front of our mental health system’s tribunals and courts to use we don’t even have the right to a lawyer being present at these hearings the best anyone can do is have someone from a legal service help you write up a statement you hand over in your defense against a forced treatment order and no right of an appeal. If we did have the right to an appeal and if that is dismissed you should also have the right to lodge a court injunction to have your case put before a judge. No small wonder why so many people have ended becoming victims when the government have put in place a kangaroo court for our people to use. Its pretty obvious that Psychiatry itself is not going to fix any of these problems when the power that has been handed over to them by government has produced a huge financial windfall for them. Psychiatry along with the Pharmaceutical companies have the money and the power and their going to run with this corrupt system for as long as they possibly can until the day finally comes when enough people here wake up to whats been going on and provide the political pressure needed to change our system. Sadly we “that is the kind decent people here” who want this barbarity to end could be in for a long wait ahead of us yet. With stories now of children as young as just 3 years of age now being drugged by psychiatry how much further dose this nonsense have to go i wonder… might babies be next??? just in case there feeling a bit depressed or anxious after being born. I think Dr Peter Breggin was right this is MEDICATION MADNESS spot on Doctor!

  • why would anyone say its a miracle Dr Moncrieff can stay gainfully employed in her field. when she made a speech posted on YouTube mentioning the fact she still prescribes psychiatric drugs “and why???” because if i wasn’t then someone else would just step in and write out these scripts anyway i understand what she is saying and this makes her fit into her system very nicely so that her career can continue. Understandable when people like Dr Breggin was almost kicked out of being able to continue practicing as a Psychiatrist because he wasn’t following the diagnose em all drug em all approach. But dose it make Doctors like Moncrief ethical ? I don’t think so myself i consider her reasoning as very weak better to set an example for other Doctors and not continue prescribing these drugs. She admits there is strong evidence the drugs are harmful yet also says “This does not mean that taking antipsychotics is not sometimes useful and worthwhile” i find this a very confusing message she is sending out and of little benefit if your serious about protecting the health and wellbeing of the patients ending up in your office everyday. I do at least applaud her for trying to be more compassionate than many of her other colleges. But my experience with Psychiatrists is that of people who are unsympathetic, offer only unethical treatments and if they so choose can legally force these treatments upon any patient at any time and appear completely ignorant or dismissive about the damage they are causing to people like myself… not a good look if i may say so. Not helping the situation are irresponsible Governments like my own who continue to pump millions of tax payer dollars every year into Psychiatry producing in many cases bad outcomes for our people here and just like Psychiatry blissfully ignorant or dismissive about the damage they are causing. Time for my Government along with Psychiatry to find a more ethical path than history has shown us thus far you would think.