Thursday, December 2, 2021

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  • The heavy use of the word ‘experience’. Where have I read about that ?

    Thank you for the good wishes. As someone who comes from Grof’s motherland, where the local Diabasis has been using Maitri Breathwork for more than two decades with the only tangible result being that they now believe an Angel has spoken to them and wants them to save/wake the planet through their sponsored Order, I might not be particularly lucky, but at least I’ve mastered the art of discrimination.

  • Hi Moni,
    I absolutely hear how life changing this has been for you and you’ve done a very brave thing sharing this openly. I’m also very happy for your current wellbeing.

    I must say (jokingly) that I totally admire your face morphing skills ( 😉 cheeky subconsciousness)

    This is perhaps something you may only return to much latter on or never, but for instance the article “A Critique of Stanislav Grof and Holotropic Breathwork” by Morten Tolboll very accurately describes the problems I’m having with this whole breathwork circus (

    Take care

  • Hi Sean,
    I’m glad you’ve recently changed the policy of being secretive about the cost to state it publicly, it surely makes it easier for you and consequently for anybody else involved, and your venture now fits the common pattern.
    On your comparision with professional rates, I agree. But then you have no publicly recognized education, hundereds of hours of field training and most importantly supervision, so I think it evens out.

  • Dear Tim,
    Unfortunately the beast is much more sophisticated than the bad newageism presented in Sean’s and Moni’s videos. I’ve been meds free for 5 years after my encounter with Sean’s videos (I too did some subtitling). Then relapsed, now I’ve been meds free again for 2 years.
    To me, say, Sean does to understanding bipolar what Moji does to understanding non-duality. A great misguidiance.
    Take a very good care of yourself and let’s hope you don’t miss the €3k next time you’re down there.
    I wish you (and others) could hear it. Peace.

  • Well, Sean Blackwell has been trying to promote this single “success” story for a while on various channels, I’m surprised to finally see it published on MIA and not marked as an advertisement. There are other clients of his who have undergone the same expensive (they are not even allowed to reveal the cost) retreat procedure and the results are rather disappointing. It seems such conmen are just the other side of the same coin. If you think the mainstream psychiatry is based on a very bad science, please think about what this holobreath/lukgroff/prevatt cultish mashup is based on.

    With that said, I can’t agree more with the comment made above: “What’s been around for thousands of years and costs very little, still works better than “medicine”!”

    Moni, wish you a very good luck. I myself have turned away from all this more than four years ago after a rather long encounter and I never looked back.