Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Comments by Tim Knoote

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  • Hi Marek,

    Why do point out the word “success” like that? It seems that you’re skeptical about the story, in my opinion the word success is little bit too light (soft) for this story.. You’d better call it a life-changing and mind-blowing story, because this woman Moni definitely had a huge switch in her life, made possible because of Sean Blackwell’s approach. I can say this because I worked with the two of them, this September, as a client.

    Why are you surprised that this is not marked as an advertisement? This story is personal, honest and not even focused at all on advertising for Sean Blackwell. Maybe it’s advertising for the possibilities that can be generated by breathing, but then you can say almost every article is an advertisement. Sean doesn’t picture himself as a guru or a guy with special powers, he just creates the atmosphere and let it happen.

    And about the money thing, I found out about bipolarawakenings 2 years ago, had several FREE conversations with Sean on skype, so he could hear my story. In these conversations I was talking to warm-hearted person who takes all the time in the world to listen and talk with you. The information Sean’s representing helped me a lot to connect all the missing dots of my vague and blurry experiences/memories. It gave me hope.
    Of course the retreat costs money, but he’s totally open about it. You can download all his PDF’s, watch his videos and read his book… for free! And other than that, I followed a 10 day retreat program (which costed my less than 3000 euros) where he was very flexible, because normally it’s a 14 day thing. These 10 days made such an huge positive influence on me, when you’d compare that with mainstream psychiatry.. in 10 days I had my life back, I went of lithium.. Whilst 2,5 years of experiences in psychiatry made me confused and zombyfied, empty and nowhere near the person I am today.
    3000 euros is something yes, but the focus is all on you during a retreat, in a private setting. I’m not even going to start about the cash/h rate a psychologist asks or one bed/day in a psych ward costs. 3000 euros to get your life back, or maybe even a new life, sounds like a fair deal to me. Staying in the mental health system will eventually get you (emotional) bankrupt.
    More success stories (online) will definitely follow, but it’s not that easy to get the opportunity and be able to share a story like this (like Moni did). Most people are still busy with integration and not that outgoing to share it. If I’ll be given the chance to share my story I will grab it with both of my hands, and you can ask me anything if you want.
    Anyways I just think some parts of your comment are misplaced, I’d hope that I could give you a new perspective about it.
    One last thing: what did you turn away from? From the mainstream psychiatry or breathwork/”cultish mashup”? And how is it working out for you that you’re never looking back?