Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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  • Dear Marek,

    Hope you’ve not forgotten about me. Remember I translated all of Sean Blackwell’s work into Romanian and you gave me your support in this work for the first videos?

    I also did two healing retreats with Sean.

    Probably, I should have shared with you my results as well after these retreats.

    I am off meds for more than a year now. No signs of mania or hypomania since then. I run my own business and this year it turned profitable. I lost 32 pounds and got back in shape. In short: I GOT MY LIFE BACK!

    And think of where Sean Blackwell actually started with me: I was hospitalised 10 times, 10 years in a row, each time on heavy meds and with severe episodes of mania that lasted 2 months almost everytime even under heavy medication. I already lost 5 jobs and was unemployed for over a year. My life had no meaning whatsoever anymore and I was on the brink of commiting suicide. This was the moment I found Sean Blackwell’s work online and this was my salvation!

    Were the healing retreats expensive? Well, I think the right question is: were they worth it? Well, what do you think? I will repeat myself: I GOT MY LIFE BACK. So yes, the two retreats with Sean Blackwell are priceless. I can’t measure in money their worth to me.

    Hope I was able to change a bit your perspective on Sean’s work.

    All the best.