Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Comments by Bunn

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  • Hey, Casey. Yes, it’s a horrible illness. Don’t give up hope, meds or no meds. I’ve tried to keep myself at the lowest doses possible in order to keep functioning. I have a doctor who listens to me when I tell her I’m not going to take high doses…I refuse and, yes, sometimes pay the price. Hang in there. Try meditation and cutting down on stress. It helps. Be good to yourself. You’ll make it!!!!!

  • Some of us need meds, in the end. I’m bipolar 1 and have been hospitalized while off the meds. Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but the illness, and it’s various treatments, don’t fit into a nice box. I’m truly happy that some of us are able to live med free, but that doesn’t mean it’s a solution for all of us.