Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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  • Thank you for your story. It is a courageous and useful point of view. For a while now I have felt extremely alienated by the discourse of my friends and peers and the popular online texts shared by them surrounding their thoughts on mental illness. It always seems that nothing can be expressed unless by understanding or figuring out a self diagnosis or getting diagnosed with a mental illness or that they have tried this or that medication for ‘symptoms’ and suggest it, or else there is no talk at all. It causes me to feel unheard and ignored. It always seems like I am the ‘odd’ case if I try to speak looking for help or attention but shy away from using the same language, even contradicting it. That I don’t deserve attention as much as it is given otherwise, that I am undermining the seriousness of mental health. It makes me feel like I am being marked as strange or uncooperative. Two of my friends were involuntarily committed several years ago now and wronged by the coercive methods used including the administration of cocktails of unknown drugs in response to their emotion and confusion. It helps to hear stories like yours.