Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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  • Heres a question, How many women come in with high bleeding disorders while on birth control, but when taken off, there body returns to normal? see I have been put on so many different brands of birth control, And they all have the same effect, I bleed heavy non stop while on all hormonal birth Control. And I’m not talking just the pill. It would have been nice to have a birth control that didn’t make me bleed hard for months on end. Ive been on depo, ring, countless types of pills…. all made me bleed constant , till I took myself off of it. I gave up, and now just do all natural way. But now I just found out I have some major ovarian Cyst a doctor will have to deal with. There first plan of action is Birth control… As I have stated I cant take it. Are there more women out there like me? who just bleed out if they take it? Or am I just strange. I will be telling the doctor to find a nother way, because last time on the ring I bled so bad, that a dr was looking at transfusion.