Friday, June 5, 2020

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  • This article is bunk. There are scores of reputable studies which demonstrate the benefits of testosterone therapy. I am on therapy myself. One year ago I was 222 pounds with slightly high cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated liver enzymes due to non alcohol fatty liver, and a body fat level of 33%. I am now 196 pounds at 20% body fat. My blood pressure and lipid panel are excellent. My liver enzymes are mid range. Additionally, due to the “sense of well being”, I dropped a psychotropic medication I had been on for over 5 years and I have NEVER FELT BETTER, both physically and emotionally. I monitor my own CBC and metabolic panel so I may keep track of changes quarterly.

    It appears that some people set out reporting with an agenda. The blatant falsehood that testosterone therapy negatively impacts cardiovascular health is in direct contrast to the many reputable studies that show healthy hormone levels POSITIVELY contribute to cardiovascular health.

    Restoring my testosterone levels to normal has positively impacted my life in every facet. There are some minor inconveniences, such as hematocrit trending higher, but regular blood donation maintains HCT in range, helps people in need of blood, and further reduces excess iron content which also leads to improved long term health outlook.