Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I’m not so much into generalisations about isms myself. I guess if you mistake communistic ideas for totalitarianism or socialism for fascism, I guess they don’t look much better than capitalism. But that’s a false framework, of which there are many as far as I can tell. Considering the history of socialistic concepts that have been more responsible for improving peoples lives than capitalism ever has.. ie 8 hr working day… There seems very poor understandings generally at times, as to what capitalistic class warfare is really like. Even though it’s out in the open to see if you look behind white smiles & neon slogans. I guess the project to socially engineer society to keep many stupid, weak & ideally dead ASAP, has been successful for a few for a while. Long term, I don’t think it will go well. Self destruction is not progress. Yet it’s a lot to go into it all in a comment section. These personality tests are such rubbish, like astrology, like so many ideas people seem to have unfortunately… I certainly wouldn’t have an interest for being exploited for profit by some corporate asshole who thought that “personality nonsense”, capitalism & the dsm have any merit at all. Again, it is more misleading thinking about this whole scenario & how people & reality really may be. I wouldn’t call ignorance & authoritarianism, culture really. I don’t think bowing down to that bs en masse is intelligent in the long term. Not that there’s much choice about that for some. Capitalism is built on murder, warfare, invasion, abuse, prejudices, lies & the worst of what people can do to each other.

  • Thanks for this. Psychiatry is completely fraudulent & very destructive. I’d also point out that the system can be gamed by those who mean a person harm, along with other tactics.

    The issue spreads wider in regard to medical industry malfeasance & the history of the industry.

    There are also anti vaccination proponents due to the countless injuries & deaths as a result of vaccination programs. A closer examination of the situation & valid criticisms, reveals a great deal. That can be disturbing to those who have believed purposeful lies.
    Cancer cures ignored & actively quashed over the last century or so are prevalent. There are many proponents against the destructive mainstream allopathic medical models of “treatment”. (Plus some very disturbing actions against those curing cancer. See gcmaf.)
    Also in the area of the diagnostic models of what is determined to be “aids” & various other “viruses” & again the toxic “treatments” given that harm & kill.
    There are also issues with various other pharmaceutical products, theories of medicine & medical practices that do not stand up to rigorous independent scrutiny.
    Not to mention the attempted cover up of other health damaging practices in regards to water (fluoride, for example) & food (glyphophosphate, gmo dangers & other toxins).

    Similar patterns can be observed as to how in these areas, this is perpetuated.

    Which also leads to a reexamination of history for accurate truth & how the scenario of our society is created, controlled & by whom. Showing a very different reality to one, so many seem duped into believing.

    I’ve paused on this comment for a while, yet now feel, it should be said.
    Have an awful lot of material to back up my assertions.