Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • 37 years this December, severe injuries- C1-C2 neck fusion, severe head injury not conscious of existing for a month and far from up to par, and multiple head and upper body injuries, which caused a daily constant Severe Chronic Pain. Spent 10 years suffering daily constant Pain while trying to find something to ease the daily constant Pain. The only thing that worked- was strong Narcotics, but that was forbidden to use. They told me strong Narcotics wouldn’t work for long term Pain. That I’d have to keep taking a higher dose of the Medicine, because it wouldn’t work, and it would just make me a drug addict.
    Well after going to Doctors, Hospitals, Specialists, in different States, it was found that my fusion wasn’t exactly in place as it should be and was causing my Pain which I knew pretty much that was the case- and these severe injuries were all due to an illegally drunk 18-wheeler truck driver who caused and was at fault of a head on collision with a vehicle I was in (killed my two friends 19 & 20 years old, and I was 18 years old), and just at this time I had no other direction for help from the Pain. The Pain was slowly killing me, my health was the pits due to daily constant Pain. Pain that would escalate so bad at times it would peak all day and at times for days just 10+ and I would end up vomiting from the neck Pain. It had nothing to do with my stomach, it was all due to Pain in my neck, and I also get Pain in my face, eyes, head, shoulders, upper chest, arms, and hands. Pain without Morphine rules my existence!
    The last hope was a Pain Clinic. I went to the Pain Clinic and fortunately the Doctor saw the true extent of daily constant Pain on me, and that nothing eased it, but strong Narcotics- I’d spent 10 years trying the different things, drugs, machines, acupuncture, nerves burned in my neck, I tried more than I can even begin to remember. But none of it worked! The one thing that did work I had been forbidden to use. Being like I said the strong Narcotics. Now As I was to learn, all the things they told me as to why I couldn’t use strong Narcotics for long term Pain, it turned out to be as I was to learn and prove, that it was all one BIG MASSIVE LIE or MANY LIES! How ever a person prefers to put it, but it still stands to be NOT at all true. All that I was told as to why I couldn’t use strong Narcotics for long term Pain, was NOT at all True!
    I have needed to use and have also used the Morphine- RESPONSIBLY! I also used a high dose of Morphine for my Severe Chronic Pain, and that I have taken it daily for the past 25 years with NOT one problem!
    Morphine saved my life, it also gave me the best possible life that I have had since the injuries occurred. Without the Morphine I would NOT be here, I could NOT have gone on, I was starting to lose my mind from Pain and I had NO control over it whatsoever! I was also 18 to 30 years old then, and now I’m 55. Yet what do I get at the age of 55, they now are taking my Medicine away from me (the Morphine I’ve used for 25 years and NOT one problem.
    But now at 55 years old, I get to wake up to a real live actual Nightmare, now I awake each day to this Nightmare! Plus I also once again get to suffer with Pain. Yeah it’s bad now and I haven’t even gotten way down yet to the useless dosage they are forcing me to drop to. But what would I know about Morphine, I’ve only used it daily for 25 years now.
    Yes they are taking Morphine away from us, and I have no Doctor to turn to, NO Pain Clinic to turn to. They have as good as tied the hands of all Doctors. It is as if I never went to the Pain Clinic, I never had to suffer for more than 10 years and go through what I did- and to finally have Doctors treat me with Morphine. Yeah that must be all in my imagination or something.
    I wonder how long before they start taking Insulin away from Diabetics, that is lessening their dosage to less than 1/5th of what they need. Or taking Heart Medicine away and from people with Heart ailments. I mean hey they’re doing it to us people with Severe Chronic Pain, why not all the others, they could also save a lot of money for the U.S..
    The illegally drunk truck driver who caused all of this is still free and doing fine, and I’m paying for his wrongs, still getting punished for it all!
    All I want is to continue with my Medicine so I can have somewhat of a life, I believe I deserve at least that.
    Just wish to get normal respect. They allow a person to criminally kill my two friends and ruin my life, not even close to compensated for what I lost and have gone through for Pain and suffering (2 lives turned out to be a cash void and not in favor of the two people in the Cemetery), and whoa that I should dare to NOT want to suffer greatly and thus have some kind of a life- and i.e. to get to continue the Medicine I have been responsibly using now for 25 years- to ease my daily constant Pain (though I should greatly check to see if I am listed as a person or some lesser than a person).
    Think about it- maybe they should just deny all Medicine to people, it would lower the population as the Georgia stone does imply that some people here in the U.S. and about- have a great desire for!