Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Comments by D. Forrest

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  • Hello Mr. Corrigan,

    I thought it’d be worth mentioning to you my experience with this. My father is a skeptic of the legitimacy of some diseases. When I had first entered preschool my teachers pulled him aside and insisted that I had ADHD. I was disruptive, loud, hyperactive, and very distracted when lessons were taught. This obviously stumped my father since they just listed the typical behaviors of a child. These teachers kept claiming that I needed to be diagnosed and that I certainly had ADHD or ADD. My father wasn’t convinced and I never saw a doctor for this supposed condition. Years later and I’ve graduated high school in the top ten of my class. I’ve certainly struggled in some classes, but that’s typical of every student. I’m an adult and I’m still very energetic and a bit overwhelming to people at times (I am able to maintain professional behavior when necessary), but I believe it is an aspect of my personality rather than a disease. I’ve never been on medication and I’ve done well in my academic and personal life.

    I thought you might appreciate the story of someone who was thought to be ADHD at one point but did well without various medications.