Saturday, December 5, 2020

Comments by Layne M

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  • I’m really late replying here, but I still wanted to comment. The majority of ADD/ADHD meds are essentially legal speed. No doubt it helps with concentration…indeed, I’ve used it before to cram for finals in college. But giving that to our kids, long term, while their frontal lobes and executive function skills are supposed to be developing naturally? There isn’t a doubt that these meds are interfering with that process as the brain becomes dependent on the stimulants. I’ve worked in the public schools and I’ve seen other educators and related service staff really push for the medication, and then shake their heads in disapproval after the IEP meeting if the parent seems reluctant. The thing is, typical classroom curriculums are not set up to handle 25-30 kids with NORMAL energy levels. Kids need to move. They need to multi-task. They need multi-modal approaches to learning. We are placing the problem on the kids, when it’s actually the school system that has the problem.

    As a younger elementary student, I was home-schooled. I was so motivated to learn because I was DOING things…collecting pond water and looking for amoebas and water hydras under the microscope, doing experiments with algae and different fertilizers, writing creative stories and scripts, making inventions and rube goldberg devices, etc. After going into the school system, around 5th grade, I became drained. My enthusiasm for learning evaporated after the first year. Kids don’t learn in any meaningful way by sitting almost the whole day, watching power point presentations, and filling out worksheets. Of course they’re fucking bored…of course they don’t fucking pay attention.

    This isn’t teachers’ faults…teachers are some of the most hardworking people I know. They barely have time to create simple lesson plans, on top of all the other ‘extra’ responsibilities they have that the district requires in their contracts. To create engaging and multi-modal approach activities every day, they’d have to buy supplies for 25-30 students (out of their 40K a year salaries) and spend hours of unpaid time planning each day (which they usually already do anyway).

    There is a big problem, but it’s not with the kids. Yet, the kids are the ones suffering. If you’re not passive, submissive, and do as your told…well, there is obviously something wrong with you…so here are some drugs. Way to go ‘Murica!