Saturday, April 4, 2020

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  • Keep up the good fight, Jim! I so totally agree with you that the American Psychiatric Association is a criminal enterprise. According to the Congressional Research Service there is NO law in the United States requiring the APA to treat their patients with an approach that actually restores a patient’s mental health. I believe that’s why the APA has chosen to use mainly synthetic drugs and talk therapy – this is the approach that brings them and their business partners, the drug companies, billions of dollars – while curing few, if any patients. It’s still shocking to me that this isn’t illegal! The APA could use voodoo on their patients and they STILL wouldn’t be doing anything illegal because there’s no law telling the APA how to treat their patients. That is just so wrong.
    Linda VZ, author of The Secrets to Real Mental Health

  • I took my son to see Dr. Hoffer in Victoria, BC. According to Dr. Hoffer some people are helped almost immediately with B-3 (niacin or niacinamide) and then recovery continues, often improving for years. I’ve talked to recovered schizophrenics at Orthomolecular conferences who have recovered nicely on niacinamide. It didn’t take them years. Some felt better within days. One young man was vastly improved in less than 24 hours. I used to take niacinamide for my anxiety disorder. Then, after just one treatment of “NAET” (acupuncture) for a “disharmony” with B vitamins, my anxiety disappeared and I never needed B-3 again.

  • Abrahm Hoffer, MD was a pioneer in “Orthomolecular Medicine,” the use of “nutraceuticals” to cure mental illness. He gave 3 grams (3,000 mg) daily to his patients, along with a daily capsule of B Complex, and had a very high recovery rate.
    Unfortunately, like everything else, B vitamins can cause an allergic reaction to those who tend to be the allergic-y types.
    Linda VZ, author of The Secrets to Real Mental Health

  • Amy,
    Thank you for your honesty in this article.
    All “professional” diagnoses by psychiatrists are nothing more than a description of the symptoms, whether it’s ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression or anything else. That’s the equivalent of a real doctor diagnosing your broken leg as “Walks Funny Disorder” because that, too, would be nothing more than a description of the symptoms being passed off as a “diagnosis.” Likewise, pneumonia would be diagnosed as “Coughs a Lot Disorder” and so on.
    What matters in any psych illness is what CAUSES it — and that subject is strictly taboo among shrinks. Why? It’s because they’re clueless and don’t want to talk about it! In shrink school they are only taught to prescribe a synthetic chemical to suppress symptoms – so that’s all they know how to do. It’s the system that brings in the most money to the Amer Psych Assn and their business buddies, the drug companies, while curing few, if any, patients. It grossly puts profits ahead of patients. I know from many years of experience that the word “cure” isn’t even allowed to be discussed in front of a shrink. He or she will just scoff at you and make fun of you for even attempting to talk about a cure.
    In my family, I’ve learned to use orthomolecular medicine (biochemical repair), NAET, and homeopathy. Because of these treatments (that actually cure people) my “incurably” mentally ill son has been free of psych drugs (and all the idiot shrinks) for years. He just graduated from community college with a 3.97 GPA. Mental illness have been curable for over 50 years – just not with patented, synthetic chemicals, aka psych drugs.
    Homeopathy has been curing mental illnesses for close to 200 years.
    Amy, I applaud your honesty in this article and wish you all the best.
    Linda, author of The Secrets to Real Mental Health