Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I agree completely, language is part of the answer. The use of language leads culture, it is so powerful… I avoided addressing my mental health difficulties for a number of years because of the stigma associated with ‘mental health’s. All because of language!

  • Hi Marion,

    I would like to thank you for this blog, it echoes in a very close parallel a lot of things I have been yelling from the rooftops.

    I am a Peer Support Worker in Sunderland who has had journeys of self medicating and GP/Services medicating me, thankfully I dodged a bullet when it came to lithium due to biological medication for my physical health. But I have to admit, I have burdened the tax payer art times.

    In my mind a major barrier here is that we have developed a culture, led by the drug companies, of asking to be “fixed”. I believe the idea of ‘recovery’ has driven this culture.

    Recovery implies an end point and the opportunity to “be back to who I was before”. THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE we have changed, we have learnt something new – maybe about ourselves. You are not the person you were before reading this blog and thread of comments…

    You have been on a short journey of ‘Discovery’.

    This ‘Discovery’ journey has offered you a new perspective on your journey of growth and development. This is the journey we are all on, on our own individual personal paths. There is no “I am in recovery you’re not” which is the culture the drug companies have fostered.

    Medication certainly has it’s place to enable people to engage with their discovery journey, it can stabilise people to be able to find some forward momentum or for some maybe just find stasis. But medication is not the ultimate answer, even if you are on a potentially life long journey of using medication, such as an immunosuppressant, even then though exercise and diet can change that course…

    I’m drifting on tangents as is my lifelong habit.

    I would urge that you continue your sense of compulsion and keep your head above the parapet, this is a battle worth fighting for the discovery journey of many many people.

    Best wishes,