Monday, March 1, 2021

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  • “The first is called the “Action Over Inertia” (AOI) initiative, which is a manualized treatment encouraging individuals to reflect on the meaningful change they want, followed by “supporting individuals in activity and participation experiments and longer-term commitments aligned with their personal preferences and performance needs.” The AOI also emphasizes connecting people to service organizations.”
    I really hope that “manualized treatment” actually stays true to what the “service-user” wants, and not what the agency thinks they should want. And I really hope that last sentence “…connecting people to service organizations,” doesn’t just mean ‘you, service-user, need case management in your life so we are going to connect you with that type service organization.’
    If this is meant to be a real shift, then I hope it is not filtered through the lens of narrow scope of the system already in place.
    “The authors state that peer support models may be a useful avenue for implementing these kinds of interventions into existing services, given that peer support can promote community-based opportunities for engagement and mutual care.”
    That sentence just reads ridiculous to me. “…may be a useful avenue…” May be?
    If what this article is saying is ‘Here’s a great idea for a way to re-define and reshape the way “service-providers” approach and practice with the people they work with’ then of course peer support is part of that – that is what peer support is, that is how peer support functions – not as an extension of pre-packaged treatment, but it offers the unique perspective of someone who’s been there/is there and who understands the importance of holistic approach and the importance of community, in all the ways that that can be defined

  • Thank you for writing this. I’ve been throwing that thought around in my mind for years. When first introduced to the peer-support world and heard about this ‘story thing’, I saw it for good and I saw it for the damage it does. Sometimes, people telling their story (which is where the battle in my mind begins, because after all it is their story and who am I to tell someone how or in which context they should tell their story), mostly the way and the context in which it was being told, resulted in ‘Ehhh, something seems not okay about this’… So, I realized its not about their specific story, but how it was being used or how its not being told through their voice… In my current role in life, I talk about this whenever I can and what sharing means

  • I don’t like these online comment things, and rarely do them. I’d rather have the in-person conversations because it’s such a chore to try to communicate in the first place…too much is lost in this platform – So, Sera Thank you for all you do. What you write and your perspective gives me hope in what I do – because it makes sense to me and i think “yes, that’s what I mean, those are my thoughts on the subject too!”. I am employed as a “Peer Support Specialist” in the state of Maine. It is difficult to be very aware of the serious cracks in the foundation of the mental health “system”, and its flaws and the murder and the pain and the life-ending damage and hypocrisy etc, and yet to be employed and working in/for the “system” at the same time. But dammit I need a job and part of my job is to not compromise my principles, and reading your stuff reaffirms and validates….this.