Monday, February 24, 2020

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  • This comment is meant for Oldhead, Frank, rebel, and all other commenters replying to my original post. (if that was your intention, lol) All you have done in your replies, no matter how noble you think you are, is to convey your beliefs, whether political or not. You all have missed my intentions and my point of fact, when I relayed a personal injustice that I personally endured. Do any of you understand how absolutely terrified I was?!? My original reason for sharing what happened to me was to let people know what can and will happen to you if you contact ANY organization for guidance or help. And remember, this was before Act 21 was signed. I am in no way asking for sympathy. I made the mistake of talking to people who are, directly or indirectly, associated with government, IE: LE. What I AM asking for is empathy, so people can understand what happens in the REAL world. Until you, Oldhead, rebel, Frank, etc. have personally been through what I, and many other people in this United States of ours has been through PERSONALLY, shut up!! You can send links and give your rhetoric, but unless you have experienced the real thing, your expertise and opinions don’t mean squat!!!

  • Based on a past experience, this law scares the hell out of me. Why? I will tell you about a personal experience BEFORE this law came into existence.

    I was in a very bad point in my life. I was abusing alcohol trying to forget my problems. I was very low one evening, but I had not had any alcohol. It was very late and I tried calling several “help” numbers just for the simple reason I wanted to talk to someone. I did not have any family or friends that I could reach out to. I finally called a suicide prevention hotline to talk to SOMEONE. I was not suicidal. I just needed to talk to someone. After talking to “Amy” for about 30 minutes, her attitude was somewhat confrontational, I said I did not want to talk to her anymore, said I was fine and told her I was going to go to sleep and I hung up.

    I did go to bed and approximately 10 minutes later there was a pounding at my door. I got out of bed and answered the door. There were 3 police officers at my door. I asked what was up and they (LE) asked me what was going on. I told them about my call and I was tired and wanted to go back to bed. I assured them I was okay and had no thoughts of harming myself or anyone else. I closed the door and bolted it and turned to go back to my room when the next thing I knew, the police busted through my door, tackled me, and handcuffed me. I was then placed into a squad car and driven to a mental health facility. This occurred because I simply wanted to talk with someone. I never threatened harming myself or anyone else. Yet I was treated like a criminal!!! I asked why I was in custody and was told that they were taking me to the facility for “your own protection”.

    As stated above, I did nothing verbally or physically to warrant this type of action. I was held for 72 hours, against my will, and when I finally was allowed to talk with a psychiatrist, I explained my version of the events. The doctor said he understood and he immediately ordered my release.

    My point is this. If this could happen to me, BEFORE this new 21st Century Cures Act was signed by the President, what would or could have happened to me?!? The laws that the President has enacted could and most likely will contribute to more and greater violence.

    Noel Hunter is correct in her observations. I agree with her article 100 %. How can the over powered government be granted even more power in deciding who should be incarcerated for non violent actions and then have the power to hold these individuals for as long as they consider someone to be a “threat”. To who? Or whom? How can the government decide who may or may not be a threat? Leave these decisions to the professional doctors that are educated in diagnosing and the treatment of mental illness.

    As stated in the article, even if the government and there laws could stop Sandy Hooks, Columbine, 911, The Pulse and all the other terrible events that have occurred, where would their power end? All this act does is take away MORE rights of the American citizen. President Obama has now taken away rights bestowed on legal American citizens designated and assured by the Constitution of The United States by a simple stroke of his pen. When will this political madness end?!?