Friday, February 26, 2021

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  • How can you say “blame the parents”? Are you saying someone with an illness such as Schizophrenia the parents are to blame??? That is truly absurd… It is like saying cancer is the parents fault. Parents fight for their children every day to save their lives… Most Schizophrenia sufferers don’t even know they have it till their 20’s… How do you blame the parents?

  • Sara, in the case of Deb Silvestri… Yes I more than anyone have EVERY right to call her that…. the Globe did more than extensive research regarding what happened in her case. She had three OUI in total, one stemming from a stupid mistake in the 80’s (like many back then), one in the 90’s around the time of her first hospitalization, and the third almost a year before her Suicide in Lowell Drug Court.
    The story behind hers was to show that the courts are NOT equip to handle people w that level of mental illness (using alchol or other forms of self medication) and do not make an effort to seek out information even when the court they stand before (including the same Judge) has already seen the defendant stand before then three times for a section 35 brought before them by the own family.
    Deb was placed in Framingham prior to Drug Court where she was sought out with the promise of a quicker resolution to her sentence by Marie Burke when Lowell first introduced Drug Court.
    When looking for Psych Social Report there have been none provided, why would you think that is… It is a requirement to enter Drug Court .. had they, they also would have found that she had Liver issues as well from years of damages which caused inconsistent testing to cretin levels, anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia, bipolar and a range of other mental disorders.
    Pull her court recording before you judge why Maria Cramer who did a LOT of research on that case and was very gentle with her mother who she did not intend to contact.
    This section was probably the most well researched, well written, well informed section. Judge Thomas Brennen in Lowell Drug Court had no rules. He has at least 5 lawyers so far that if they do not agree with his processes he dismisses them from his court leaving the clients with no assistance except to be passed on suddenly to a new attorney who knows nothing about them at the drop of a dime. This happens quite frequently in his court. He was actually being brought in by the SJC the same time the article was released.
    These are all facts that should have been looked at when your comments were made particular to this section..