Sunday, September 20, 2020

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  • I’m going to very unpopular for this comment, and I’ll say that up front.

    I am a mental health patient. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and panic disorder. Among the many medications I’m taking for bi-polar (well regulated 4 years now), I was also prescribed benzos (Ativan).

    Twelve years!! I’m sure everyone is up in arms, but this is not a cause for alarm. I don’t understand people getting addicted and having such awful withdrawals. I am prescribed 4 1mg tablets to be taken daily. I don’t take them daily. I take them when I have a panic attack. I often go for weeks without taking any pills and it does not phase me in the least. I have no physical symptoms, although it is a psychological safety net of knowing that I have them in case I need them. I’m sure people can/will say it is irresponsible of my doctor to prescribe in this method/quantity, but it has not been a problem for me (even when I was prescribed 8mg a day).

    Just because my doctor prescribed it does not mean I need to take it or abuse it. Some responsibility needs to be on the patient to take their medication responsibly.