Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • PBA is a real symptom of brain injuries, diseases and syndromes. My father, who had MS, my husband, who has MS, my brother in law, who died from ALS and a niece, who had CP all had it. It is not depression– it is inappropriate emotions that cannot be controlled. Nuedexta is a very effective drug that has very few side effects. My husband was in the drug study and we are very glad that it is available to us. Without it, he has inappropriate reactions that are embarrassing to him and his children.
    Please educate yourself about PBA.
    It is a real symptom with a real treatment available.
    Yes, I wish it was not so expensive.
    But having been in the study (which lasted for 10 years, thank you FDA) we understand some of the costs of bringing a drug to approval.
    Arlene D.
    Daughter, wife, sister in law, of those with PBA (not depression)