Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • Thank you……….the only support I have found is other grieving parents on line. I did recently try once again when a friend that also lost a child recommended her psychiatrist to me. I went but I did not realize psychiatrists only prescribe medication. She said I need to see a therapist that she would give me and then the therapist would call her to tell her what meds I need to be on. LOL once again meds, I think not. Seems like doctors work for the pharmaceutical companies now.

  • I lost my 16yr old daughter 6 yrs ago. Doctors put me on anti depressants right away. I was going through enough grief and the anti depressants were making me suicidal. I got off of them and though the depression was not gone (how could it be), the suicidal thoughts were gone. I did seek help for someone to talk to, to help me with my grief and went to a good hospital to get evaluated for a counselor. I went for help and instead was told I could not leave the hospital cause I needed to be on anti depressants and I was too depressed. Instead of helping me they set me back so far and put me back on medication that works the opposite on me. I stopped the medicine after a year and again suicidal thoughts were gone. I gave up on seeking help even though I need it, because doctors only seem to think drugs is the cure for everything.