Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • After taking SSRIs and many other psych meds for 13 years I was left with what I might describe as my central nervous system fried while in withdrawal. I was extremely sensitive. I still am. I can only take all natural or vegan supplements. The most important part of recovery is sleep and SSRI withdrawal with leave you with crippling insomnia. Your brain desperately needs the restorative sleep to heal itself and vamp those neurons back up. Taking ambient only tricks the brain to make you think you slept when in reality you were in a temporary coma. The mechanism of action for that medication inhibits recovery in itself. When taking SSRIs your cortisol shoots up at nights making daytime sleeping a breeze. In withdrawal you’re left unable to sleep at anytime because your brain is firing on all stations trying to repair itself. It took me months to figure out that serotonin is necessary to create melatonin in my body and my serotonin has been depleted. Melatonin supplements don’t work because of this reason. So I had to literally add serotonin into my body. I took 5htp and my withdrawal symptoms disappeared entirely. I started sleeping like a baby and my chronic acne and bloating disappeared. After about two months I was able to stop taking the supplement with no ill effect. There are ways to go about this but they’re all from a nutritional standpoint. I’m happy to say I’ve successfully come out of this completely by myself even after reading all the horror stories on the internet. I did my own research and opened my mind to the clinical side of this. I also might add that a high quality, high value EPA fish oil stopped the initial brain zaps, tinnitus and lethargy.