Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Comments by Lilla

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  • Stanley… about your 2 questions, are you serious?

    American society less repressive?…more open to anti-authoritarian stance? THIS current, right NOW, American society???

    Oh yeah, we are free to speak up, challenge authority– if we want to get another job! Just the first example that comes to mind. I think maybe you are jumping up and down about how we aren’t being executed or even beaten and humiliated in public.Is that what makes us a more open society than any other at any time in history? Oh boy, lucky Americans. WE aren’t going to be locked up or punished without due process.Right?


    Groups of activists need only hash out purpose, goals that unify and solidify. The result is pooling resources; making the most of diversity; appreciation for each other.

    Step one: Unity of purpose. That’s what the dialogue is about…

    Stick around, you’ll see how on the mark Bruce really is.

  • Didn’t you know those who gain from the DSM et al editions, could care less about real science or ethics? I think those who gain are the power brokers, who have bought and paid for their untouchable status?

    The better tack for preventing further harm is seeking criminal indictments for fraud. The psychiatrists and their pimps at PHARMA are the only ones who could be held accountable in a meaningful way.

    The APA is like a fart in a wind storm… IMO.