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  • Hi again Craig. I have red the current article and also the article addressing bipolar disorder. From a usefull point of view, these articles deserve to be more structured or splitted by symptoms and specific states within diagnosis, so those in need easely access the information they need. Also, another structure could be function of the drugs and doses one try tappering. These restructurings of initial articles in fact are usefull in different periods of those with heavy diagnosis in special. It is for sure a need of passing through extreme states with minimum prescribed drugs and if there is no clear alternative procedure then all other options won t be implemented.

  • I am glad for finding and reading this article. It is value added for entire community.
    In my case, it is difficult to evaluate the riskeness of each non drug method. I say so as my main issue is I am unofficially labeled with bipolar mania. There are maybe other labels too for which some of the risk free methods are in fact caring some risks but anyhow these are probably less riskier than the drugs. One point is that methods like certain meditation methods or certain coaching methods or psihoterapy even behavioral can be trigeres and the symptomatology of so called severe disorders to come at the surface. The one more point is that another risk free option should be the temporary or even for life help in living without prescribed drugs. Even for mania and schizofrenia the choise of the option of treatment or self management should be facilitated, instead of nonvoluntar practices.

  • Lists with each type of non drug practitioners and new age psychiatrists all over the world would be very helpful.
    The lists should be from within a trustfull network like MIA and not online gathered …
    In Romania there are only few options and very expensive and difficult to access and not professionally delivered, not to mention not accepted by families compared with prescribed drugs.

  • I am sorry I am not currently so used with MIA site and way of functioning.
    It seems to me that current article is not very recent even 21th of Jan is what appears as date (is this the date of posting the article or the date of last comment?). I just hope Daniel haven’t given up to his activity on this site and that he found some other paths to implement his ideas.
    Hi Nomadic. I understand and support your point of view. I will join the indicated forum. Thank you for mentioning it. I just think also at kind of minimum further steps for us, the ones diagnosed according to the current largerly accepted system of evaluation of “mental health”, for us to progress compared with our latest or most horrible experiences with current system. I know sometimes the options are comparable bad but at least there are options of choosing.
    Yes, SE, there are lots of rich people not placing their money in innovative ideas, which does not support any progress as they do not have interest in those placing or indeed as they do not know the ideas themselves. Other times, even those rich people would be opened in supporting ideas like Soteria’s, there are the intermediary persons which possibly not supporting. Anyhow, it is tragic to have only the options of taking the drugs as prescribed or loosing the social acceptance/family…
    I agree that statistics show the circumstances for majority to progress, but there are others which should progress too and have the chance to progress not only stay biologically alive.
    I recognize and belief so that in so called hipomaniac or maniac episods but also in the lower states I am exposed to manipulation or aggression from others. We cannot change just like that manipulative people and agressors and I want to avoid these exposures. Also there are times when i have panic attacks. This is why a way to sort out must be there. No judging is fine as concept but it is very difficult to practice and sometimes when I do nor judge others it happens to be in fact manipulated by them instead of just respect or acceptance. It is truth that when I suffer too bad, I look for easy and temporary solutions and mostly is harderafterwords to deal with taken decisions. Anyhow, temporary help to cope with own feelings/emotions Is what I need. I do not know if prescribed drugs or psyhoterapy or any type of recovery helps but indeed the drugs do not solve/cure the stated issue/root of the state and psyhoterapy can be perceived also as manipulation. That is why I think each has own way otherwise everything is a manipulation. Some of the possible ways are very difficult and frightening and for that I would like help and choosing the help I want. I wish to learn new ways of living and I wish that for my family too, but it seems we are blocked by the practical/accepted options. we have

  • Hi Daniel. It is great to hear about this project, about the history behind with proved results that “the House” was a real alternative in which nothing bad happened being off prescribed drugs, about the present activity even not having the psysical house and about your determination to continue with this alternative idea in the future.
    This alternative is exactly what I wanted when I was in need but perhaps in Romania there is not a similar option.
    It is great the idea of temporary stay at a volunteer’s home or be visited in the own home from time to time. I think the new generation is prepared to offer such volunteer services and that your team can grow more. Another idea is to find/set location at the homes of the ones in need. That won’t be such temporary as crisis takes time to pass and finding day to day solutions also takes time.
    You can even implement this idea internationally.
    Please share your contact details. With every step you take, you are closer to your goal.
    I encourage you to share here also the objectives you have when posting/writing this article. And further, what this community can do to support you.

  • It is really great that there are 2 or more opinions. This way for me the blog is a safe and balanced place, objectiv.
    The idea of having one or multiple choises is what I liked most. For some of us , even a similar choise to psychiatry does not exist.
    I really wanted at some point that research on drugs to exist more and to enroll only to have a more scientific approach of prescribed drugs.
    I do consider all the choises that exist should be covered by insurance.
    I think healers of any kind should offer free services for the sake of statistics and try to prove scientifically their methods through state funding.
    I agree also that the choise of assisted suicide should be legal in any country for the ones who tested all the existing methods on the world and nothing brings an acceptable state.

  • Hi Bunn. If you want, please share what you mean when you say you payed a price for taking lower doses of prescribed drugs.
    One of the psyhiatrists I have visited sugessted that I will end with dementia if not taking drugs as prescribed. This sounds so manipulative.
    I am suffering because no one explains me what is so abnormal with me, because I do not understand why I am manipulated and lied by the ones stating they love me and why no one seeks alternatives with me even if the risk for relapse would be real.
    Energy healing is to explore for sure. I consider some events in my life traumas. I would like to find ways to forgive forever and not to suffer so much in the future no matter what.

  • Hi HFB.
    Please be so kind and share where the materials in Ro can be found.
    I am from Ro and had bad experiences with the system of drugging with prescriptions.
    I would like to inform myself about alternatives of healing bipolar symptoms, specially of mania.
    I almost cry when I read about other people gained the battle with current health system, thinking I was and maybe still am blinde and with no support of trying alternatives.
    Anyhow, I do believe that what works for one it does not necessary work for others due to the multitude of possible mix of symptoms. Also, unfortunately, the psychiatrists say that episods can occur even after 10-15 years so 1 year or 4 of freedom from “medications” is not a scientific or statistical evidence. Please correct me if I am wrong. It is just I am desperate to find a solution knowing that psyhotrop treatment is not acceptable for me, at least not for long term. It is abnormal how the so called meds are creating dependence and it is harder and harder to discontinue them. Not to mention the weight gain as it is too painful for me.

  • Hi Moni, thank you for sharing your recovery story.
    It is my belief that at least for bipolar mania – one of the diagnoze I have, it cannot be found a cure or a true medical treatment without our own understanding of what is considered abnormal and without our agreement and active participation.
    It is hope generating your shared experience and also a guarantee that the retreats you explored and support are a valuable alternative.
    I am not initiated in retreats and I have no idea of what it means what I be quoted below and how is happening.
    “On this retreat even more unprocessed subconscious material was released, much of it related to birth trauma.”
    Could you please offer more details? Which is the process in practice? How can this be accessed? By who?

  • Hi Francesca and congratulations for this article.
    I am really empathic with you as I was diagnosed in time with borderline personality, psihotic episod with schizofrenic symptoms and bipolar disorder.
    I think that learning what is truth and what is not in psychiatry is the key for our progress.
    Thank you Matt for your comments from which all of us can learn objectiv terms. Why should we use the terms invented by psychiatry? I personally had the experience of “hospital” and the only good experience there was that I could tell the doctor that she is not correctly using the term illness in my case.
    I only consider usefull the psychiatry for those who choose this way of handling their experiences.
    I agree that many of our families do not know how to handle differently our special states but I strongly believe that if someone can explain us what others see as abnormal, we can agree with drugs for a period and with the necessity of hospitalization.
    I do not understand the differences between psychiatry and any other non scientific treatment for special states.
    Advocacy group sounds great. I am interested in this subject as I would
    like to have one in Romania too, even if my opinion is that a global advocacy group is more efficient. If you like and allowed here, please share some of the advocacy group features, also.
    And Matt, it would be great if we could benefit of objective review of our wording when expressing our experiences and states.
    I have recently discovered this site (after 4 years of searching like a blinde) and it really helps me to feel I am understood which is not happening in my social circle.