Saturday, August 19, 2017

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  • We live in a toxic world but this is why educating oneself is so important, only you can be your own doctor. With mental health, it is always very complex but with enough motivation, one can find all the info they need. Integrative nutrition is quite useful… but a little scientific background doesn’t hurt at all. People need to learn to love themselves as well as the techniques available to calm their brains. Or better yet, how to bring balance in their lives with natural means.

  • This is why some say: the opposite of addiction is NOT recovery but connection. People with no support are unlikely to ever be functional. I see it in the homeless, even if they are prepared to do everything to get better, they can’t if they don’t have the basic of necessities: shelter, proper food and proper sleep. The government does nothing to help these people. Get on the list.. wait for 6 months or a year. Maybe you’ll be dead by then. Thank you for nothing. Many of them self-medicate to ease the pain but really what they need is a place to call home. Welcome to Canada folks!

  • It should be a branch of medicine only insofar as they can discard the possibility that the symptoms are not biological in origin. Many so called mental illnesses are due to thyroid malfunction, food allergies, immune disorders, toxicity, etc etc. This should be addressed by people who know how the entire body works i.e. functional medicine training . Mainstream doctors don’t test for that sort of thing because it is too expensive. And God forbid they might find the cause of it.

  • Just because you get diagnosed with a so called disorder doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. You are probably no longer “bipolar” and got used to your meds (which I wonder about in terms of dose and what it is – maybe a placebo). Your horses and a good partner are all that you needed to be functional.. something was amiss and you didn’t look for what it might have been. No it was not a chemical imbalance that required a pill to correct. Sadly, due to ignorance, you just took the pill like a good girl. Get off of them if anything, slowly of course depending on situation. Diet and your environment are what is important.