Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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  • So glad you have been helped by your treatment. In my view, every person should have access to any treatment they choose to try and also the right to refuse treatment. About 1/3 of all people who try psych drugs receive a benefit from them. Those people should have them of course. But the problem is that other 2/3rds receive no benefit but are told that they need them anyway. After the diagnosis of mental illness is made, all other symptoms of dis-ease or distress are attributed to the disease, not the treatments. And now due to the 21st. century cares act, those with a mental health diagnosis can be forced even more easily (if their families or the authorities in question care to do so) to take the drugs. Anything and everything can be taken away from them including the right to refuse what is put into their bodies. And 1 in 4 people carries a psych diagnosis. This is troubling to me in the extreme. I was one who believed in the system. After I got depressed from taking a non-psychiatric pharmaceutical drug I fell into psychiatry’s sphere. Tried zoloft which made me unable to sleep or eat (along with a whole host of other nasty symptoms) for 2 weeks, and ended up in the psych hospital for 3 days. I am so sensitive to these drugs that even this short exposure led to 2 years of a post acute withdrawal syndrome. I got my own bipolar diagnosis and tried those drugs. Horrible side effects. But no benefit. And when I talked to the professionals about it, the message was always stay the course. My side effects were written off as psychosomatic. Then I found out about THIS community who have recovered from “mental illness”. I was free. I weaned from the poisons and have been symptom free for years. They were poison to me. Not to you hopefully, but if I had stayed on the drugs I would have been truly sick. I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop when I thought I had bipolar. I believed I had no power to function because I had “bipolar”. But, all the time it was a withdrawal syndrome and side effects that made me present as being so sick. And I certainly was sick–but not with a chronic progressive brain disease. I was sick from drugs, a withdrawal syndrome that my body was busy healing on it’s own– which the medical industry has no knowledge or understanding of. If I’d believed them I’d still be trapped. If I’d believed them who knows what other harmful (to me) treatments I would have tried. But if even one of them had known about the withdrawal syndrome, and had said “You will heal on your own” I wouldn’t have had to go through years of pain and agony during which I missed out on much of my son’s baby time. Now there is an explosion of bipolar disorder. I don’t claim to know what this bipolar disorder is. I think it is better for each person to decide what works for them. If diagnosis/disease model is really helpful then great! More power to you. But for the 2/3rds. of the rest of us, for whom the drugs are poison, we deserve to have our side seen. This side of the story is lacking in the mainstream consciousness. How many people get knocked down by drugs of all kinds–pharmaceutical and recreational and begin to show this cyclical syndrome which mimics bipolar disorder? How many are trapped in lives of illness and despair because the message is “You are sick and the drugs make you better”? I think many many many. So be glad you are in the 1/3 for whom the dominant paradigm works. Good luck in your healing journey.