Saturday, November 26, 2022

Comments by Eve A. Wood, MD

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  • Hello all,
    First, I want to thank you for your support and story sharing, and questions.
    I hope to be able to help with much of what you are asking about.
    It will hopefully become clear in further writings where I am coming from. I have mostly worked outside of the system in spite of what I have had the opportunity to do and see within the last 8 to 10 years. So, my many years in medicine were largely within my own practice, consulting, and trying to find ways to share what my patients were teaching me to the broader public. I even paid to self publish my first book and get it out there when I started to see how little support there was in my field for holistic approaches to healing. When it won a bunch of awards, Hay House bought it, and published my subsequent works.
    In the last 8 years or so, I have had a series of jobs within the more usual realm of psychiatry, and it has been within those that I have been able to see up close how off the rails the field has become. I have tried to effect some change in it from within, and moved around from one to another place to try to accomplish that. I was not able to be successful.
    While it may seem to some that I am retiring, and have milked a system, that is quite far from reality for me. I will need to come up with a way to support myself going forward, I just cannot do that within the structure of any “job”in psychiatry, in spite of the fact that I get many requests a day to take another one. And, for financial reasons, that would be the logical thing to do. Ethically, I am not able to go that route.
    My practice has been predominantly in the outpatient setting, and with very little of it in settings where people were committed or treated against their will. That said, I have increasingly been concerned about the lies and misinformation provided to us as doctors, so as to influence our prescribing practices and concepts. I have come to see how much this puts us all at risk. It is, for that reason,I have chosen to stop.
    I am trying my best to sort through all the data out there, and visit my own experiences with patients over many years and hours to see what I might be able to offer to help. And, I will surely have to find a way to pay bills, and manage going forward.But, I firmly believe in our capacity to heal and triumph, so I am leaping out there..with faith it will some how work out.
    I do believe we are all in this pot of soup together. And, to the extent we can supportive of one another in trying to find healing ways forward, we all win.
    To your health and healing,