Friday, August 19, 2022

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  • Marie, this is happening in family court all over CA and other states as well. Judges are appointing these folks who then have immunity equal to a police officer or judge. It is a shortcut to convert family wealth and no media is covering it. The Britney Spears case brings media and public awareness. Reporters can only dive so deep and then are confused , so that means with Britney we hear about the outrages soundbites, but nothing close to the horror she has endured for 13 years. Typically this happens to the elderly and the disabled. They don’t fight, speak out or bring media attention. One person like Linda is easily ignored by the courts, the police and everyone who will say it is just the way the system works. It works this way because we have allowed it to . Few people step up or speak up so it goes on. Worry is that once the Spear case is done, the public and media attention will go away and the system will go back to running as it has been.

  • Linda Kincaid is a tireless advocate for Probate Court reform. Excellent article drawing the comparison of what happens to everyday families and what happened to Britney Spears. Lack of media coverage has provided the opportunity for probate and divorce court to rage into corrupiton that may be too difficult to correct without more media and more awareness. These judges dish out appointments and immunity like free Comic Books. For everyone who is complicit, it will happen to you someday and you better hope you can pull the media attention that took Britney 13 years to attract. When our courts fail our most vulnerable citizens in their greatest hours of need, the people have failed to control the judges who sit in those courts based on our votes!