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  • I agree. Anyone who is ‘diagnosing’ (name calling) has areally warped brain. They objectify people. They tend to bully people even if they quit dishing out so many pills.

    The connection with eugenics is real, Stephen. Have you read The Rise of the Fourth Reich? And it is far from dead.

    I think Bob is wasting his time and money going around talking to psychiatrists. The ‘standard of care’ is not going to change because some big shot psychiatrist whispers they are wrong.

    We need to be teaching the average joe how to take care of his mental health. We need to help families and communities to become havens of healing and inclusiveness, This is probably what is helpful in India and Nigeria. Most people in America are lay psychiatrists, picking at weaknesses in others until they go for help. It’s lay psychiatric scapegoating. It’s a judgmental reflex in some people.

    Your money would be better spent funding a media campaign or funding an independent feature film. The psychiatric state goes deeper than just a self appointed profession. It’s a form of bullying and lay people do it. We need consciousness raising and then make available the tools like traveling workshops for people to go into homes and fix things like Open Dialogue style for any community that desires. We need real PR about the truth.

    We need to ignore psychiatrists and guide people elsewhere. Maybe they do need a stint in prison. Come to think of it nothing could please me more. They are not redeemable as a profession and regular MDs should be ashamed too.

    As describing in the book Mad in America, this all started from insecticide. I’d rather take a benzo for a short time or Tegretal always just could bring me down. Outlaw the rest! And that should be a healing family decision.

  • Agni

    I am very concerned about psych drugs as a means of dissonant control. I believe that the widespread use of psychiatric drugs is sort of a preventative measure. Economics of course spurs this on tremendously too.
    Stasi, had to look that up.
    I tell you another scary thing going on. The Nazis developed the technology to perform mind control from a distance. The technology could implant images and impulses into the mind and inspire and direct victims. It could drive people mad too.
    This technology has continued and has been perfected in the US and Russia being that many Nazis defected to both countries particularly their scientists.
    Inspire someone to perform mass shootings? I don’t know. But I do know they’ve perfected the ability to drive someone mad.
    Of course there is always the power of propaganda which is a major tool of Big Pharma and psychiatry.
    I’m sorry to see that Daniel is retired as a psychotherapist. I just discovered his Utube videos. He was so passionate about how to help someone in distress. Where can I see his other films? This was a pretty effective mini documentary.
    And the nation’s oligarchies are aiming at going global. They are not just satisfied with controlling the US natural and human resources. They’ve been thinking globally since the first of last century at least. Research Bush’s granddaddy Prescott Bush.

  • Here’s my last take.

    For the inside scoop on psychiatry, read my web site, and find out how the abuses in this industry are triggering and manipulating the United Nations to bring down the sovereignty of the United States government.

    I went to Geneva to speak before the UN Committee for Human Rights last March to tell them my horrible story of abuse and I am so sorry I did! The Committee opened a case to further listen to testimony about US psychiatry using ‘torture,’ meaning coerced psychiatric treatment. I realize now I was groomed for this role I played. The psychiatric survivor movement is a sham.

    I want to retract my testimony. I’ve been chased in the streets by automobiles and SUV’s. tracked like a dog and confined twice since I got back from Switzerland!

    If you want more information, I write about some about it on my web site, I don’t tell a tenth of what I know.there. I hope I live long enough to tell my tale.

    I’m surveiled by the NSA! I can prove they are tapping my telephone. I’m a widow and physically disabled, why me? I know why.


    Marion Lyon, AKA, Maxima Kalitventsev

  • Godaddy is very busy changing my website, so here’s the book reference you need if you really do want to know:
    Philokalia published before Kallistos Ware AKA Timothy Ware. He tore this book of the desert fathers and mothers up. Changed the phrase’ uncreated energies’ to ‘God’. The original teaches that no one knows God. We receive uncreated energies of God. If we persevere, we are eventually cleansed of all sin, receiving more and more of His energies into all Eternity. Perfection is expected of Christians. Some people do manage to die in a state of grace during the purification process. However, in this day and age, with so many devotees of the occult around who are not only dead set to kill, but to distress, which is sin, and kill, I’d advise to get busy with the process of repentance/purification/illumination, over and over, with tears UNTIL God’s energies are so great in you you are in the Kingdom of God–Heaven of Earth. No tears, no terror can touch you. NO MORE DRAMA. NO MORE MANIPULATION.
    I hope this stays up forever.

  • Is Carlat right? Is psychiatry a profession in crisis? Maybe for the exploited young medical talent who got persuaded to become psycho chemists by their Big Pharma-bought professors.

    My old pdoc is like that. He is panicked. He told me he knew the chemical imbalance theory was not true. He told me psychiatry was not going to last another ten years as it is today. Was he changing his methods? No.

    He changed his profession from being a lawyer to being a psychiatrist in his forties. He said law was a soul-stealing profession. Poor thing.

    He’s close to retirement years. He doesn’t want to learn anything else. He’ll go down with the ship. He won’t read ANATOMY, the copy I gave him. He does read my emails.

    But for more than a few I’m afraid, it’s “Me thinks the lady protests too much.” Spin, baby, spin. Throw lots of sawdust on the blood.

    Come on, Dr. Pies. Put down the smoke and mirrors. Use no more hyperbolas. Tell us exactly where Whitaker is wrong. What page? Which paragraph? Cite some research, will ya?

  • I don’t know which psychiatrist wrote it, but on the cover of Psychiatric Times there was a review of Anatomy of an Epidemic. Dr. Pies may have penned it. reading it encouraged me greatly. It ended with a sentence like this (This is not an exact quote.) The humble doctor wrote that all psychiatrists should read Anatomy. If we can not dispute it, we need to change our ways of practice.

    Dr. Pies, if you didn’t write this review, you published it. I don’t see you here refuting the evidence in ANATOMY. You’ve resorted to name calling yourself.

    You say you have seen people improve through your treatments. Yeah, canotsay2013, he doesn’t want a discussion of research. He can’t dispute the evidence in Anatomy. More research is being published right now that back up Whitaker’s conclusion: Long term psychiatric drug therapy is detrimental to recovery rates. Why don’t you talk in facts, statistics, and research findings that prove him wrong?

    You are protecting a way of life. That would be fine, live and let live. It’s a free country. The only problem with your way of life is that it is hurting a lot of people. Hurting is too soft a word. Exploiting? Yes.

    Maybe you are being exploited too. I’m sure some psychiatrists are.

  • I should have said ‘some people’ Or rather maybe I should have added, “It kills some people more slowly than others.”

    Medications that are designed to cross the blood brain barrier in order to alter emotions and behavior for more than just a short period of time are just wrong doctoring.

    Dr. Pies, why don’t you get into thyroid, adrenal, hormone balancing? Psychiatric medicines usually make these systems run a muck. Or learn how to take patients off medications, working in tandem with a psychotherapist or an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner of course. I bet that might make a rewarding change of pace, a very rewarding profession it would be.

    Both treatment modalities can take a couple of years for each patient. You would have no need to keep patients for all of their lives. New patients would line up, I tell you. Those skills are in big demand. My psychiatrist is booked solid.

  • I have had four diagnoses in my life. My psychiatrist thinks I’m better and ‘in remission’. I think I would have a hard time finding a mainstream psychiatrist to ever agree with his trauma based opinion. Once broken, always broken, doesn’t believing in the chemical imbalance theory imply that?

    Sera is very kind in her response to you, Dr. Pies. I can not find that kind of grace yet. For seven years on typical antipsychotic thertapy I experienced the total lose of relating to my to family (I stayed in my room or at the hospital), to myself (I hated waking up in the morning), my lost loved ones (I didn’t cry on the anniversaries of the death of my husband or my eight year old little girl). That was not all. I experienced the dearest loss of my intimate, personal relationship with my Creator. And that was to be my sentence until my death according to your belief system, sir.

    The patients who keep going back to you don’t know what’s happening to them, don’t know what they have lost. We at MIA do.

    Maybe it’s time you listened to us. Psychiatry is killing people before they are dead.

  • FYI My court appointed lawyer arranged to for the judge to talk to my outside psychiatrist who took me off my medicine, said my condition was in ‘remission’ I was very unexpectedly discharged the day before my appeal, much to the chagrin of my treatment team ( I had been caught cheeking). My lawyer said the judge had never heard a psychiatric opinion that was contrary to lifelong diagnosis and therefore treatment.

    I had spoken to the director of the Institute the week before my court date. He then asked when was my appeal. He did not want the judge to be exposed to an alternative POV.

    We need to educate the benches of the world, that’s all. That takes PR. Judges are not unreasonable people. They, along with the rest of the world needs reeducating. The psychiatrists ( and the hospital administrators) will be the last to ‘see’ it. They are too invested in the system as it is.

  • For some reason, the psychiatrists in state hospitals would rather take you to court for commitment than for treatment.

    Stephen, would you like to make a statement for the Center for the Human Rights for Users and Survivors of Psychiatry in our effort, in combination with Mindfreedom, Psychrights, and 2 other NGO’s, to bring the UN human Rights Committee to condemn forced psychiatric treatment in the US? You are a survivor AND have been sober and seen the human rights abuses. When in the middle of being abused yourself, it’s hard to see what other people are going through. Would you consider going to Geneva for the three days our issue will be considered? We are fundraising for expenses. Who knows how we will do? I can’t afford to go back on my own resources.

    You can reach me [email protected]

  • Sera, thank you for speaking about the collusion among police and professionals and lawyers. And thanks for speaking about bating a person so he reacts and gets committed. Thanks for speaking from the provider’s side. I’ve seen these things done too, but concluded that it can’t be true. But is it. Remember, there is a financial gain here. A certain number of beds need to be filled.

    Specifically about diagnoses: I was in hospital court. I had a DMV medical report that my alternative psychiatrist declared my diagnosis was ‘in remission’. The Barbie doll judge–she is a city counsel man’s daughter, picked up the report by a corner like it was a dead mouse. She said, “This is a photocopy. One in rather sad shape. Inadmissible!”

    The DMV had to have the original. I carried the copy for my protection. Of course, it did not shield me.

    The judge committed me for 180 days so I could be drugged with antipsychotics. “Schizoaffective,” she said, gloating.

    The hospital’s psychiatrist never sent for my records from my outside psychiatrist who took me off meds.

    BTW, I cheeked the meds. How I quickly got out I have already written in an article MIA published entitled “Speaking up.”

    No, cannotsay, forced drugging is routine. At the private hospital that transferring me to the state facility, the judge came into my room with several associates. He committed me for 30 days and forced treatment. I was provided no attorney and no opportunity to even speak.

  • Maybe you should get in touch with the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. CHRUSP is working with that organization and Mindfreedom, Campaign for Repeal of Mental health Laws, Psychrights, Voices of the Heart, and the International Disability Alliance. At least three of those organizations are international. I know Mindfreedom is active in Canada. Check to see if there are any rallies in Canada posted on facebook page, Occupy Psychiatry. I’ve seen them before.

    Do you know that the UN Rapporteur announced forced psychiatric treatment is torture not just for the US but worldwide.

    The other aspect that needs to be publicized is the new research that is being published in mainline psychiatric journals. There’s always been negative research about the drugs, but look at this Whitaker article:

    And this about Lithium:

    The Kirsch book about antidepressants is a very good resource.

    So get armed! Get connected! And we still need to succeed at this endeavor here. If we do, will the US government heed it? I think we’ll have a PR campaign to fight.

    We are in this together.

    In solidarity,


  • That was really one of the two main points of my writing this story. One was how incredibly receptive the people were whom I met at the United Nations. ANd I was all out there as to who I was. And the other was that I got there in the first place!

    It was meant to happen, but it took a lot on my part with family politics and with my own battered self confidence. Seeing the suffering with sober eyes drove me to find a way to overcome it all.

    I’m shy and timid by nature. I’m not brave. I guess here I was. Thank you for pointing it out! Wow!

    May the UN Human Rights Committee not just question but indict the US government for condoning torture! I hope to see this effort to the end. I’m just jumping in at the tail end here. Tina has had this in her sights for a very long time.

    May she get all the help she needs!

  • Welcome, you two, to the world of madness! Thanks for reading my article.

    I was just reading Whitaker’s recent article, “Do Antipsychotics Worsen Long-term Schizophrenia Outcomes? Martin Harrow Explores the Question”. There are other issues that happen to the Dopamine system that happens and can cause psychosis up to six to months out from stopping the foul meds. I was in that window. So maybe I won’t have any ‘bipolar’ psychoses outside that window (that will be my birthday! The week of celebrating Creative Maladjustment!

    One thing more. I met a man on an airplane coming home from the 2012 ISEPP conference. He works with a woman who used to design antipsychotics. When she learned that they were being prescribed for longer then two weeks she quit. She is still very upset.

  • And I will explain briefly why I don’t think the survivor movement will provide the alternative community we need to uproot psychiatry’s grip on the world. Ir can shake it loose, but what’s to replace it?

    A common focus of hatred can’t build community. I’m speaking to myself here. I hate psychiatry with a passion. A common hatred is not a good foundation. We have the same enemy, but does that make us really allies?

    There are a lot of hurting people in our movement. Hurt makes us reactive.

    People are so busy working for the movement and getting on with our interrupted lives. We need a place to be accepted ans a place to be still. Granted I’m not near Freedom Center. I have not given Icarus a real go either. When I was looking around for support, I didn’t connect. I just wanted extreme states to go away. I really appreciate the concept of diversity so I will give it another try.

    And lastly, I am a Christian. An extreme state brought me to this decision. Although I hated the thought at first, it was only logical to look for His Body, where I belong in the Church.

    I am not eclectic about my spirituality. I experienced a revelation. It was Jesus. That is something that is too diverse for almost everyone in the movement to accept. Two people who have helped me feel accepted. I’m not comfortable even telling my story. I am grateful that Robert asked me, I have tried and as a result I have discovered things, many things including the revelation. So much had gotten buried with time and the psych drugs.

    I know who I am now. I will write it one day. It’s way too long for MIA.

    My keyboard is not broken My computer is! Misha, number three son, says he can fix it, but he’s too busy now. I’m tapping another son’s, Ivan’s, laptop which works great, but he’ll not be happy with me when he comes home. So so long! I will go to the library Monday. I got a car yesterday and I am so relieved to be able to get out of the house on my own!

    Best to all,


  • Bonzie anne

    Great to hear your input! I am going to be having input on the UN’s minimum standards for prisoners. Phone call on April 23 if you have anything you’d like to add.

    You are in New York. Virginia is a commonwealth state. And Virginia is a network of independent cities.

    Danville, where SVMHI is, is the worst about how long people are kept on conditional release, like four hundred percent worse. Patients on conditional release are pulled back into inpatient for frivolous issues. And the length patients are kept yn confinment is ridiculous.

    Danville is a small town, 34,000 people. The Gulag is a financial hub, an industry. I didn’t get into this aspect in my article because it is speculative. However, I do believe the police, the local hospital psych evaluator and definitely the district judge that holds court in the gulag aim to keep the beds full there. It may be because they are all on board believers in the medical model, but I was warned after my first visit by a very good lawyer (F lee Baiiey’s brother) that I shouldn’t make waves about the Gulag because it was an economic power in a small community. (So if I disappear, this may be why.)

    Bailey was in North Carolina. Can it just be commonwealth states? I really don’t think It can be that different in non commonwealth states because most of these institutions are in small towns, they do employ people, buy supplies, etc. You’d have to ask a lawyer, one from a commonwealth state. Finding one here in Virginia that will even talk to you once you’ve told them you have an issue with a gulag, is almost impossible. Usually his/her secretary does the screening. Maybe its just prejudice, maybe its the commonwealth.

    Now to address the most important part of you’re comment: I will speak for myself. I realized I had burned myself, this was maybe three months after the incident. I had morphine dreams that I had been set on fire by a fundamental Christian because I crossed myself over a meal. I called my sister from the rehab hospital where I was recouping for three more months. She immediately accused me of setting fire to myself. I am a scapegoat in my family, and the pleasure she was taking in her attack was palpable. She challenged me to remember. She got on line and found a newspaper article about the incident. I was standing in my driveway when rescue came and air flighted me out. “Do you remember now?” Well, I did.

    I then I remembered a whole lot of things about that breakdown. i had made scenes in my church, a synagogue, ran my car until it ran out of gas because I thought it would mystically keep running. I was horrified with what I had done.

    Fr George, my Greek Orthodox priest, found me in the hospital. He had heard about me through the news. Well, I confessed my sins. And then when I was out of the hospital I kept asking him to hear my confession. He finally got angry with me.

    Everyone in town had hear about the fire. I was ashamed to show myself. I was ashamed to speak to anyone.

    When I read ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC and found our that the drug had changed my brain and had caused that psychosis, it was like a funeral shroud was lifted off my body. I completely blame the drug for creating such abnormality in my dopamine system that flooded my brain with dopamine. When people ask me what happened, I tell them I had a reaction to a psych drug that I was taking and went crazy and lit my hair on fire. I’m a victim now
    Not an insane criminal. (Suicide used to be a crime. Doing it be fire is so horrible that people react to it like it is a crime. And I wasn’t aiming to end my life with the act. I wanted to sacrifice myself to end the Iraqi War. to explain the train of thoughts that got me to this point would take much too long for this venue.) People react usually with pity now. I am a victim. I was not acting out of my free will.

    This is my understanding, my words about what I understand is happening in the brain in a psychotic episode: (correct me if need be.) Too much Dopamine is causal of psychosis, it’s not that we have an imbalance of dopamine that makes us chronically psychotic, the extra dopamine happens because of maybe stress, maybe trauma, and, yes, anti psychotics. I believe it can happen to anybody. Sometimes it happens when you take the drug, and definitely when the drugs are abruptly taken away. Anti-psychotics is a misnomer. I still use the term because no layman knows what a neurolyptic is.

    So you are not guilty because of what you did during a drug induced psychosis either.

    Dr. Breggin gets kids on anti-depressants off charges when they kill their parents, not because they are insane, but because of the drugs’ side effects. I’d love to see him get someone off, not guilty’, because the drug caused the psychosic actions. The FDA doesn’t warn about these side effects for anti psychotics, but it should. Id love to see Breggin take on a case like yours.

    You are not guilty because of the drug, not your ‘mental illness’.

    And right on to you about wishing for big Pharma to “wind up like Richard Nixon and his goons – a faint hope, but a hope nonetheless.” I would say this of the goons that prescribe the drugs too. I think we are wasting our time trying to convince the psychiatric community to repent from believing the medical model. What are they all going to do for a living? Become psychotherapists? Personality-wise they’d probably be suited for jobs like computer hardware salesmen, but that won’t be lucrative enough.

    Let’s just build a therapeutic community that grows larger and larger that eventually they don’t have anybody to play doctor with.

    That therapeutic community shoulf start with ourselves, but I’m afraid the survivor movement is largely not quite there yet.

    i don’t think the survivor movement will be where it begins. I won’t go any further with that thought because it will become a rant!

    So Bonzie Anne I still believe we need to get rid of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity and put Big Pharma and the doctors that prescribe these dangerous drugs in prison. Let the rest of the medical moguls who don’t get caught just fade away because they have nothing to do.

    So, be wel1! I know Szasz will disagree with me about trying the drug instead of the person. But i think Breggin is right to do what he does..You’re just guilty for trusting a quack.

    I’ve got to go pick up another keyboard. Mine is broken and my son’s laptop is falling apart as I write.

    My whole computer went down yesterday before I submitted this article.

    Gremlins are after me. (If I used another word I’d accused of being ‘hyper religious’ even by some in the survivor movement. Fortunately my psychiatrist, the one who took me off the drugs, says he might be accused of this too.)

    Sorry if this took too long to post too.


  • Faith, thanks, and I pray so too.

    The doctors in the State hospital are at another level. it really is a business, an industry which means keeping the beds full. And there is sadism there and racism. The patients needs lawyers.

    I’m trying to connect with the human rights specialists I met at the NAACP and the ACLU in Geneva. I’ve spoken to them, I have their contact numbers, but I haven’t told them about the circumstances of particular individuals. I’m going to do that today. After I get sn update on three patients. One is Abdul. He’s served his 180 days, up March 12. He’s accepting the situation. He says, :If Allah want me to die here I will.” He hasn’t spoken to the advocate yet. She’s been out.
    That’s a big problem. These folks are so medicated that they just accept what’s happening.

    I talked to Abdul at length everyday. He was ok, but the increase of meds started to take its toll before I left. He sounds not good now on the phone. I never knew a Moslem before. He was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war. He has grandkids. He works hard when he gets out. His doctor in DC takes him off the meds. But this is the first time he’s been kept for longer than two weeks. You see, when he comes down to the country to check on his diseased mother’s empty house his neighbor, a niece calls the sheriff. She uses the house, the electricity, septic. The police take him down to the State hospital. He has the rep now. His niece sets herself up as his payee, dummied up documents that say she’s his guardian. This niece and the Hindu doctor talk. She shows up at his commitment hearing at treatment team meetings. She mimic’s what the doctor says, “He’s Psychotic.” He’s knocked her off being a payee four times now. He finally called the Social Security and stopped the payments completely.
    He’s going to be 65 soon. She can’t do this to him after that, but I think she’s trying to set up some sort of commitment to a nursing home for him or some infirmary.

    In the many times I have been coming to the State hospital, there have only been psychiatrists from the old Communist block or India. There are 5000 Indian psychiatrists in the US they have two Indian American Associations for them. They get special mailing from drug companies who sponsor these associations. They pass around articles about how to coerce patients and their families with out using force. No other ethnic group or foreign country has this kind of associations. I just think the cast system mentality is being very useful to the mental health industry at this very severe level. I’ve met some wonderful people from India in my lifetime, but they were Christians. My psychiatrist was from India, not Abdul’s. It was like being an untouchable, cursed to being reincarnated in that class for ever. I would sit in my chair before dawn to pray, read scripture,cry for my friends and fantasize about how exactly I would tell her off. I hated her.

    The other is 28 year old black, started by a strict disciplinary father on Ritalin, now on ten drugs. He has the same doctor as Abdul. Abdul saw him when he was healthy ten years ago. Now he slumps in his chair.. They have to bring him a wheelchair. He will slump from a standing position sometimes (the nurses threaten him that if he doesn’t go to his bed he will be thrown in seclusion.) He was taken to the hospital two time in the six weeks I was there. I can hardly understand him, but he says once was a blood clot, once a heart attack.

    The other is a black woman, 40sh. a PhD in experimental psychology. A woman with a good job in the school system. One night she thought she was being followed in her car. She stopped and ran in a dark building. She couldn’t get out. She was locked in. She called 911. The police, who are diagnosticians, The hospital is an important industry in a town of 34,000, took her for a psych eval. Thought she was paranoid. She was diagnosed bipolar. Every year she gets pulled in now. She’s now ‘schizophrenic’. This her fourth time she got in a tussle with a relative. The woman attacked her. Her has bite marks. One police officer even said it was self defense. Well, she’s in now for 180 days, Her Russian doctor claims she was violent and non-compliant–she must have been cheeking because her valproic acid levels are too low. Like she going to cheek something that she gets a blood test for,

    They’ve put her on the Not Guilty For Reason of Insanity ward–long term really depressing.

    She’s appealed her commitment but has the worst court appointed lawyer ever. She has funds to hire the good one,. but she’s not able to follow through with anything. She just sleeps.

    I have read that the NAACP is dealing with an issue locally, I cannot find them anywhere.

    So, wish me well. The ACLU is publishing about racial discrimination still being a big problem here. Most of these long term folks are black.

    I may be spending my social revenue here, but I’ve waited too long in trying this.

    Thanks for reading this. My kids think I’m getting too wound up again, one son. I’m OK, They just don’t understand why I need to do anything for those people.

    I’m going to be talking to my therapist this afternoon. I really have no one else that is with me on this.


  • Donna

    I assure I thought a lot about Dr. Breggin when I was in the state hospital the last time, pretty much unmedicated. I am very great for his whole body of work, He opened the door with his statement about schizophrenics bring a lot like mystics, onlt traumatized and isolated. ANd of course I assure you would have been a candidate for a surgical lobotomy the time I tried to escape twice and they cranked up my neurolyptics 166% and kept me for three months. I only had one issue, he used the word schizophrenic and bipolar.

    I’ve been hitting on the therapeutic culture, all mental health care workers. The paid mentor class just seems so contrived. The natural thing in a whole community/family would have therapeutic moments as needed, for free. It’s a dream. AN ideal. SO I aimed at him. I’d just like to know if I went, he’d sit down with me with a tape recorder and reminisce about his days as an undergrad befriended an inmate in the asylum and working through Congress alone to protect our brains. He’s not a young man. All of that will be lost unless he’s kept a journal. It’s a real thing I want to do and all I’ve met with is red tape.

    I did call to philadelphia and made arrangements to stay with a nun there. There’s a priest up there I want to counsel with. He doesn’t speak English. He knows the old ways of our church and I want to know if he sees happening what I fear is happening in the churches. Everybody calls me a conspiracy nut. My husband would understand, but he’s passed on. This one man is about the only man I can reach easily that, if he sees what I do, And I’m pretty sure he does, His group has broken away from the pan orthodox church movement which is a melting pot of all the errors known in the churches. They’ve broken away–the Georgian Orthodox Church, and I have but I am all alone. So it will be worth the trip just to see him.
    There’s a sister church in DC closer, but he’s a monk. I expect he will be wise.

    So i’m out of sorts, being out of a church community. Haven’t been out of some church since 2980. This helped disconnect me–how’s that as a word for psychosis Faith? Last December.

    Yee, nobody is ever ultimately a monster. I’m disconnected from church and I’ve seen people abused and poisened to the point of fading away and being close to death at the whim of psychiatrists who do show signs of true sadism. It has flared at me with a threat to put me back on a very high dose of Navane that took me 19 months to wean off of. And I’ve seen a pregnant patient thrown into seclusion by three men. I’ve seen a hindu psychiatrist up the dose of haldol 500% on a very quiet mannered Moslem man. I’ve seen a 28 year old man carried to the hospital twice because he was having ‘heart events’. I asked him how many drugs he took, he told me ten pills.

    The new director has put video cameras up in all the bathroom stalls with signs on the inside of the doors in big red letters that the occupant will be video taped for 24/7. Wouldn’t smoke detectors be kinder? That’s what they want. But they also don’t want to have to view the tapes or answer an alarm. Less man hours.

    No, Faith, I’ve seen a lot of monstrous stuff. In Nazi Germany the inmates of the concentration camps were easier to throw in the ovens because they were emaciated from starvation. They look less human. Psychiatric long term inmates are disfigured too. Some people enjoy being cruel. Maybe they’ll turn, but I do think it’s possible to get too far into the dark side.. Maybe not as many as I suspect though. But that’s just my suck spiritual state.

    Good night,


  • I did maybe say He diagnoses. Most psychiatrists don’t use the DSM to diagnose schizophrenia. Hear voices, see things, talk about religion–any one of these symptoms means schizophrenia. One symptom…aren’t you supposed to have five? I don’t know. I really don’t want to know either. It was the only thing that bugged me about the book.

  • Donna
    I accept your apology, but please capital letters are not ok if you want to be in good braces with me. They yell. I never said he used the DSM. I said he used labels. He called patient schizophrenics and some bipolar. I read Toxic last Summer. I do not remember anything about any two sides. I remember him expressing a lot of frustration working with those have he called bipolar.. In fact, I remember he said he in fect felt tempted to use drugs on them, but he did not.

    Yeah, I’m about to start a writing project and I wanted to feature him and his work in it. Too bad.

    I don’t know if I’ll go to Syracuse or not. I’m sort of spent and reading the ad for it that he and Ginger would be available to talk to just kind of hit me wrong.

    So, please don’t use capitals, heh?



    And do take a look at my web site. He’s extensively quoted and refererenced to of two of my five pages.

  • Donna

    I am deeply indebted to Dr Breggin as anyone is whose spent any time in a state hospital. I would have been lobotomized surgically bu my third visit I’m sure. I have read Toxic Psychiatry and I have read Your Drug May be Your Problem. I have studied his web site. I have links and quotes from him on my web site, if you would care to check. He does use ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘bipolar’ In TOxic. I was offended I have emailed him and Ginger many times and I have called. I have poured myself out in these communications. I want to know what pre drug asylums are like for a writing project. No answer. It says on his add for his conference he is available to talk with there. I do not have money right now. I don’t have a car because I was rear ended by an eighteen wheeler five days before I was committed this last time. I’ve written and asked for a student discount.

    I don’t like that society has a need to pay people to talk to. I really think it’s a sign of really serious problems. I have a vision of one day people supporting each other enough to do away with therapy.

    Your response has offended me, I’m letting you know that. You don’t know me. Breggin does use labels. And as much as I truly appreciate him, he is ticking me off right now. I have that freedom don’t I to feel differently that you do? Toxic was the most important book I’ve read when I read it. I’m just not a Breggin fan right now for personal reasons. It’s pissing me off that I can not contact him personally, ok?

  • Yeah, ‘recovery’, let the medical model people have it. They are the ones that think it’s impossible to even get back to who you were. They’re the one’s who make it impossible to get back to the way you were.


  • Seth, et al, I address you because of your criticism of psychoanalysis. Breggin really believes psychotherapy is the answer? I don’t agree with him at all. I think this class of mind experts is part of the problem. We should become people who don’t need experts. Everyone should become his brother’s keeper. Everyone should prize the skill of listening. Everyone should struggle to attain peace, and to love. That’s what the world needs, not a growing class of paid psychotherapists. The trauma happens in an instant. The rebuff, rejection of something said which is so loud it damages the person. We should wait a week until we can see our therapist?

    I don’t like that Breggin diagnoses. Calls people schizophrenic, bipolar. He called leftists mentals? The us/them is what has to stop. The putting people outside what is considered good or normal. That has to stop. It pushes people further outside, out into the alone, out into the strange, the deviant, the maybe dangerous. And it;s been done to them first. It’s like a mother dog killing the rut of the litter. If we talk to the health, if we talk to the whole, that will get stronger. It’s in our minds what we do to each other creates ‘mental illness’. I think we do this because we are afraid of the monsters inside ourselves. Yes, Faith, we shouldn’t trash psychiatrists, but I think frankly monsterous people are drawn to finding the monster in others and controlling it with all force and toxic means. And then their training develops it the psychiatric student such intricate dissecting and tagging illnesses. I think just taking a class about how to use the DSM warps even social workers. I’m not going to do it. I’m changing my focus. I know you’ve see success with talking with your old psychiatrist, but I think that is very rare. The best way to fix psychiatry is give psychiatrists nothing to do. Come on, without bio psychiatry, what are they going to do? All become psychotherapists? Talkers are not drawn to the practice any longer. People persons are no longer drawn. Simplistic technocrats who want to make A great living without getting blood on surgical gowns are drawn to becoming psychiatrists. Focusing on reforming the practice is not going to be fruitful. They have to be fired by the public at large.

    Doesn’t Breggin promote empathetic living? I was thinking of going. I don’t want to become a counselor any more, but I do want to get licensed as an energy practitioner and learn how to talk to people in extreme states.

  • Seth, madness is a great term. I agree. Just the whole notion of a group of professionals that put themselves in place to make judgements about who is mentally ill is the pinocle of the mind trips we do to each other every day. Every day people don’t listen to each other, people judge the content of another’s speech. People exclude. People stereotype. People exclude. And if you happen to have been diagnosed by the experts, these Nazi forces that would kill the weak for the survival of the fittest are unleashed to the point that the victimized to the point of going off the edge. I get angry now, instead of psychotic and walk away. It seems like everyone is a psychiatrist now a days except for those who really work at, those who are truly humane, those who are not afraid, those who celebrate diversity. I think I’ll go to Breggin’s empathy Conference. I’d like to be around people that are intensely struggling with how to live em pathetically. I’m turning into a monster sometimes in my present milieu. The Nazi is in me! I don’t like this kind of madness.

  • Jonah–

    What helps me with self image repair after diagnosis, etc is EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s evidence based. What you are going through is PTSD. I have an ACEP trained psychologist. I did do a lot of the work my myself. But she has helped a lot. Still got more to go through, but my confidence that I am mentally healthy is good. I have issues to work on though. I could be better. I do believe in therapy, omly if you feel you can benefit from it.

  • Seth Farber really hit the nail on the head when he wrote UNHOLY MADNESS. The church has let humanity down. It has let God down. I had a bishop respond to an email I sent, telling me I needed a psychiatrist! It only confirmed to me that, yes, the Russian church was on a grim path. Grace was leaving. A lack of humility grieves the HS.

    It is a terrible silence when you reach out to a clergyman and there is no response. I am so sorry that happened to . I remember when I did jump off a building to follow Christ, before I did I went to a church. The doors were locked. That deeply offended me, wounded me. As I said, I ended up jumping off a building, five stories.

    I rejected the Haldol. A psychiatrist came to me when there was an empty bed on the unit. I begged him not to transfer me. I wanted to find out about God. I was talking to the nuns, a pastor.

    I friend was in the room. He interrupted in very loud, strong tones, speaking fluent Italian. The psychiatrist was Italian. My friend had studied in Rome. The doctor left and never came back. I have no idea what he said. I was just so grateful the doomsday machine went away.

    I wish I lived in a convent where I could go talk about my thoughts everyday with the abbess. To me that’s the only sane place to be.

    May God help us.

  • Great, Faith,

    And, Chrys, I do not believe there will ever be a dialogue between the medical model folks and spiritual folks. Spirituality, the kind of raw stuff that comes upon ‘disturbed’ people. is labeled madness according to the medical people.

    I have seen only two hallucinations in my life, one was a black, leather-face, read-eyed monster, and the other was a serene, longhaired breaded face in the sky. Both happened boom then boom.

    Some firemen pulled me out of the creek and I was transported to the emergency room. There I was met by a man in a white coat, a doctor. I asked him, ‘Just tell me who that bearded -faced man in the sky was?”

    After two weeks of straight jackets, and padded cells, and Haldol, I saw the doctor again. I was led into a room with many people. It was grand rounds. “Here is my chance to explain myself, my chance to get free.” The doctor was seated. He said to me, “How are you today?” “I’m very well, thank you.”
    “You are NOT doing very well. I’m going to have you put away for the rest of your life!”

    Well, needless to say, my parents transferred me to a private hospital, but the issue was all washed away. It would come up again, and of course that was thirty years ago, but let me give you an example that happened this year.

    I got in a frenzy about some major leadership decisions made in the hierarchy of not one but two jurisdictions during the seven years I was asleep on neurolyptics had literally gone to Hell. I won’t go into the details. I got busy sending emails, questioning bishops, confirming my suspicions from reliable sources. I ended up screaming at the ER techs and was committed.

    My doctor had been my doctor for most of the time I had been heavily medicated. He’s a good, practicing Catholic. The techs were noting what I was talking about. I heard the nurse read the notes to him.

    I was calmed down just taking the Tegretal. I was sleeping. I was cheeking the anti-psychotic. The head on psychiatry had filled in for my doctor and I told him I was cheeking. He told me to tell my doctor. When He returned I did. He yelled at me. “You’re hyperreligious! and some other schizophrenic symptom.” He yelled he was sending me back to the state hospital. I asked for a second opinion. “Denied!” he yelled.

    Psychiatry is at war with God. \

    In the state hospital there are no athiests. My roommate had a devil tattooed on her tongue. There was a Moslem that made his prostrations for prayer during his evaluation. He was committed for 180 days. I thought it was supposed to take five symptoms to be diagnosed schizophrenic. If you hear voices, or see visions. or say more than three things about God that’s an automatic diagnosis.

    Psychiatry is a theology. An anti-god theology. Anti-spirituality theology.

    Thank God for my alternative psychiatrist. He explained to me I could do things that I was upset about if I stayed calm and thought about it. He’s a Catholic that prays. He said he hoped he wasn’t hyperreligious, laughing.

    Faith, it is difficult to have confusing spiritual experiences with nobody around who can just even listen. Medical model psychiatrists nail you to the cross! Maybe they hate the thought of God because that would mean they would be accountable to someone with higher authority than themselves. They don’t lie the competition.

  • Dear Dr. Fisher,

    I owe a debt of gratitude to you. Fighting the saddle of permanent mental illness most of my adult life as a bipolar, when a neurolyptic was added to my Tegretal I quickly advanced to schizo affective disorder. My belief I could be well and my faith that God did will anyone to be mentally ill shattered. I accepted that I would have a dire future of medicated madness, almost continually contemplating suicide to end it all.

    Then I saw a short video of you in a ‘recovery’ group at the state hospital. (‘Recovery’ here means how to manage your life on medication. This video was really out of character.) You told the interviewer that you were diagnosed but now you were a psychiatrist. You said love heals. My old hope revived. When I was released from the state hospital I found your office and your secretary guided me to ALTERNATIVE MENTAL HEALTH web site to find a psychiatrist like you.

    Some two years later, having weaned off my meds under a doctor’s supervision, I found myself in trouble. Spiritually for the seven years I had been on neurolyptics I was slumbering, numb. When I woke up, I became aware that my major supports had crumbled, my church where I attended and confessed and a monastery I visited regularly. I discovered that the bishopry had been occupied by members of a mystery religion. By mystery religion I mean the rites that had been brought back by the Knights of the Templar from Babylon to western Europe in the 10th century. Rituals of anti-christian powers have been at work since then, splitting and carving up the Body of Christ and seeking control that mounted to the centers of power in the Christian churches. They had overpowered the Papacy. The Jesuit created the World Counsel of Churches to draw in most Protestant denominations and the hierarchs of the Orthodox churches. The plans for this quasi-unifid body I won’t go into. I will say it is meant to be a locus of control.
    The Orthodox church just requires a right believing priest and a right believing Bishop. I discovered a plan to replace the all Orthodox bishops in the US with mystery religion practitioners.
    The Orthodox churches would be grouped together in this country. There would be one presiding bishop for each region. If there were mostly Greeks in that region, the bishop would be Greek. If there were mostly OCA, the bishop would be from the OCA. Those two groups would dominate every region. Those two groups are infested with mystery religion practitioners at the level of bishop and above. I saw this sinister plot! I must warn who I can.

    I sent emails. I sent copies to my best friend. I was protecting myself. I had dealt with these hidden power mongers before when my son was being drawn into a homosexual pornographic filmmaking ring by a church councilman. That and pedophilia are considered spiritual delights in the highest mystery rituals. I was instructed by an ex-cop friend to keep copies of communications with a safe friend and inform the priest who threatened me and my children’s safety that such a file existed, and it would be opened if something happened to us.
    My best friend read these copies. She told me I was crazy. I needed to go back on my meds. There was no anti-christ.
    Well, I was on my way to a little Orthodox church to visit for the first time and discuss these things with the priest–how would he feel if his bishop was replaced by a Greek or an OCA? As I turned onto the road where the church was, I saw headlights in my rear view mirror. The truck was not slowing down, They were not stopping. Bam! I was spun out of control.
    The truck was an 18 wheeler. My car was totaled. I wasn’t hurt.
    The ambulance and the cops left. I was able to drive the block down to the church. I had a long talk to the priest.
    I had used my cell phone to tell a friend I was in the area. At 1:00pm I had told her I would be going to the Serbian church in Kernersville for 5:30 vespers. Could I be surveilled? Was the truck driver sent to hit me?
    My family thought I was nuts. My ex-best friend called my daughter, and told her she thought I was getting sick again. My youngest son wanted to take me for an evaluation.
    By the third evaluation, I lost it. My son had taken me to a hospital that had a psych ward where patients could receive ECT. I went in protesting loudly of the practice.
    Well, I took the sleeping meds for three days and when I re established my sleep patterns I quit. I took the Tegretal. When I took the zyprexa, I immediately fell on the floor. The doctor cut the dose in half and even on a lower dose, I thought I was dying and went to the phone and dialed 911. EMTs came. The doctor insisted I take the poison, so I cheeked it.
    My psychiatrist before I went to the alternative psychiatrist was my attending doctor. He went on vacation and the head of psychiatry took care of me. We talked about extra receptors. I told him about ANATOMY. He downloaded it right in front of me.He found MAD IN AMERICA and downloaded it. He later thanked me. I told him I was cheeking. He told me to tell my doctor when he returned.
    My old doctor came in and announced I was going to the state hospital. I told him I was cheeking, and I was fine. He yelled at me that I was hyper religious and ultra paranoid. (The psych techs record everything patients say.)
    At the state hospital, they allowed me to refuse the zyprexa. My family backed me up. At the end of the 30 days commitment, my psychiatrist went for 180 days, arguing that although I was not a danger to myself or anybody, because I did this horrible self harm 5 years ago, I needed to be maintained on neurolyptics. She prescribed Latuda. I cheeked it. I appealed my commitment.
    Now I get to the point of this long story. My lawyer totally discouraged me from pursuing my appeal. The courts had never heard anything other than the medical model and to argue that the self harm the doctor was so concerned about I did because of the antipsychotic I was taking (I was in an abrupt withdrawal neurolyptic psychosis) would never fly. I did not relent.
    There came in a new director. He came thought the units. He and I chatted. He had read ANATOMY. I told him I had appealed my commitment. I told him how the self harm I did was caused my the withdrawal of the drug. I told him I was taught incorrectly at his institution, and he should see that that is changed. He asked me when my trial was. This was Tuesday.
    Thursday I met with my lawyer who conference-called my alternative psychiatrist. The judge was going to take his testimony over the phone. As I talked to my doctor about the extra receptors, etc, my lawyer began to see it.
    Friday my social worker pays me a visit. “I’m trying to get you discharged next week,” she said. I told her I would still proceed with the appeal because discharges can often not work out. That night I was nailed. The nurse caught me cheeking.
    Monday my social worker came to me and asked if it was ok if I be discharged the next day? Could I get a ride home? Yes. I was consulting the state’s advocate. She said not to cancel the hearing until I was out the door.
    I had hoped maybe the new director would change the institution. He had read ANATOMY. I’m afraid he’s guarding the institution from the courts hearing the truth. Is not that a sad, wicked thing? That’s my point.
    Robert had asked me to write my recovery story, Dr.Fisher. I had written a good piece, focusing on what your recovery story had done for me, hoping mine would be the same for someone else. Now, what do I write? I’ve had another breakdown. My family now knows that I have written down what is helpful, what are my warning signs, what I need to do to stay well. Going over this is what they need to do before rushing me to the hospital.
    I’m arranging to talk to my psychologist every week over Skype and I’m talking to friends I made this ‘visit’. I’m looking into the Indian Orthodox Church. No mystery stuff in India. They have a missionary church not too terribly far a way.
    And if I do get in a crisis again, my kids agree, we’ra crossing the state line to a hospital where the commitment laws are still “imminent danger.’
    And my paranoia was not so far fetched. A student nurse whose father is a chaplain, non-denominational, followed my story right along. A Moslem listened, explaining he had studied all about mystery religions in the Library of Congress. He asked me what if I was assassinated. And on a church pass with my skeptic son, a member of that Serbian church was yn the congregation of the Greek church. He had discussed me concerns with his sister. She was knowledgeable about these things. Her message to me was that these designs on the church would take a long time to come to pass. We need just focus on our own spiritual needs for now.
    I hope Dr. Fisher, you read my thanks. I hope one day to shake your hand. There are maybe a few agnostics in the crazy house, but there are a lot of folks who are calling upon the Lord, One, my roommate, actively seeks the aid of Satan. No atheists, that’s for sure.
    I passed out a lot of business cards with my web site address on it.I spoke up as often as I could, and this time I left a part of myself there. I got to know the stories of almost everyone there civilly, and a few IGRI inmates. Some had been there for close to two decades. Some are completely forgotten by their families.
    The survivor movement has taken a several strong blows this year. David’s horrific accident and now the cancellation of the rally in San Francisco. We mustn’t give up. When I close my eyes I see a face. Let’s do want we can.

    Shaken, but OK,


    PS Our traumas don’t change our brain chemistry, they change our energy pathways. Our defense mechanism, fight/flight/freeze, gets stuck in the ‘on’ position. Energy medicine can fix this.

  • Many problems here:

    1.) Although Dr. Farber does not get into Christology, the nature of Christ, he is denying the necessity of grace to bring salvation through the God-man Christ.

    Arian Salvation: Christ taught us the way to, like Himself, become morally and spiritually like God. He does not save by Grace, but by example and teaching.

    The anti-trinitarian movement is alive today in the Jehovah Witness community. All Christian churches reject this teaching. No true christian can have anything to do with this new ‘vision’ of mad pride. This has the makings of a cult.

    2) The issue of pride. It we become Christ in the world through our own efforts (which would include private revelations that do NOT bring the seer into relationship with the Creator through the only divine means given to mankind, the cross of Christ) what is to keep the seer from the treachery of pride? Pride is the barrier to the reception of the gift of Grace. A living relationship with God demands humility on the part of a creature relating to his/her Creator.

    Black Pride gave birth to the Black Panthers. Pride is poison to the Spiritual life. Forgiveness, bitterness, towards our oppressors will leave us under our own power, in our own strength, far from the Heavenly Kingdom. Only a real relationship with God through Christ can open us to the power to forgive as Jesus for gave his crucifiers from the cross.

    Our movement should be based on liberation, not pride. I understand those who cannot go to the point of forgiveness. This is a supernatural grace to see our persecutors as fellow human beings.

    3.) Another point, this movement to be based on faith in all religions. This is Masonic theology which I have watched hinder both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

    When I say Masonic, I am not referring to the groups that meet in you local communities. Those individuals are innocent, harmed perhaps by the Babylonian based rituals, but they are not evilly intended people.

    I’m talking about the big players, the 32 degree Masons and up. Many powerful people are members of elite lodges. There aim is world domination. They are hostile to the Church of Christ.

    Remember Pope John Paul I? The Pope that died just thirty three days in office? Once in office, he surprised everyone by, first thing taking action against the Masons in the Vatican and cleaning up the Vatican Bank. Here’s a quote from this web site.

    “Many Roman clerics were hostile towards Luciani (John Paul I). It was rumored he was deliberately elected by cardinals keeping secrets that he was too weak to bother them and his health would cause him to die prematurely in office. However, to the surprise and consternation of those very same cardinals, Pope John Paul I immediately investigated the Vatican Bank and wanted to clean house of any prominent prelates who were Freemasons.”

    Luciani’s death was very suspicious. Was he poisoned? He was the first pope to be cremated, which was banned in the Catholic church in earlier eras and is still banned in the Orthodox Church because we believe in the actual resurrection of the body.

    Watching John Paul II travel the world celebrating religious services where he did not proclaim Christ, but partook in non-Christian, sometimes pagan, and even out right demon worshiping services. His ecumenical day of prayer for peace in Assisi had many Catholics up in arms. He lifted the anathama on belonging to the Masons for Catholics.

    From He received public acknowledgement for adhering to the ideals of Masonry. He wisely refused it.

    “Pope John Paul II will return to the Grand Orient of Italy Masonic Lodge the decoration of the Galileo Galilei Order granted to him for his contribution in spreading the ideals of fraternity and understanding. These ideas, the lodge stresses, are the same ones defended by Freemasonry. ”

    I could go on to Farber’s unfortunate connection to a small, community of Orthodox believers, the OCA, that has a very loose connection to traditional Orthodoxy and has strong connections with Masonry, (contact Fr. George Brooks of DeQueen, Arkansas, ex OCA priest for more information,) Also I could question his devoted admiration of Fr. Alexander Schemann, who attempted to push the church towards change based on criticisms he made in the history of both liturgy and recognized saints that undermine its faith. I won’t do it here.

    4) Farber has gone the way of Leo Tolstoy. UNHOLY MADNESS is an inspired book, if you discount his vehemence against the emperor/saint Constantine who ended the early martyrdom of Christians..This dislike of Constantine comes straight from Schmemann. I had come to a similar conclusion as Farber’s to develop non-drug facilities for the mad within the community of churches. However, his concept of messianic madness inspiring a reformation of the planet he has developed drawing from all faiths,ie Masonic, is much like what Tolstoy did, and he did fairly successfully.

    Tolstoy started his youth communes based on love. All religions had love at it’s center. Do away with church, government. He even wrote a whole version of the Gospel replacing the word ‘pharisee’ with Orthodox Church.

    One of his first books was the epic War and Peace. It is a tremendous Christian, Orthodox Christian novel. Love, forgiveness, repentance, even the glorious church services were all in there. But there was one clue he would come to the fatal flaw. His main character was a Mason. It is clear Tolstoy was very familiar with their rituals. and political utopianism. He had not bought the religious universalism yet. But I am not surprised it came.

    By the time he wrote Anna Karenina, he had lost reverence for church and its sacraments.

    Tolstoy used to visit a monastery, Optina, where the elders had spiritual gifts of healing and clairvoyance. They could read hearts and tell people their sins. He even talked about becoming a monk. He would even go there and spew his Gospel at them. One elder was noted as saying Tolstoy was very proud.

    Tolstoy was excommunicated by the church he criticized so harshly. He of course stopped going to Optina.

    One day, not more than a year before his death, he rode his horse to Optina. He got off his horse and walked around the perimeter. He was not allowed to enter the church, but he could have gone through the gates to the elders’ lodgings. He did not.

    Another day, his wife and he had a spat about his fortune. He was leaving everything to the movement, except for a few things. She wanted rights to his novels she had transcribed. He left. He got on a train with his physician.

    He took to being very sick. He sent a telegram to Optina for Elder Joseph to come. Tolstoy was dying.

    Elder Joseph was too ill to travel. The elders decided to send Elder Barsanuphius. They decided Tolstoy needed to make a public apology for misleading so many young people.

    Well, Tolstoy was surrounded by his followers. His daughter, Sasha, and his closest adviser, Chertkov stopped the Elder from entering the death chamber. He was told he was not needed. The last thing the movement needed was a deathbed reconciliation between Tolstoy and the Church.

    Tolstoy was the first person in Russian history to be buried without a religious ceremony. He was buried in his homestead’s garden.

    Elder Barsanuphius was deeply trouble every time he would hear the name Tolstoy. He said, “Tolstoy (Leo means lion) put steel chains around himself so strong that his lion’s jaws could not break them.” These details you can read for yourself in Elder Barsanuphius of Optina, by Victor Afanasiev,

    I must make this point. Orthodox teaching does not claim that one must be a member to find salvation. It does teach that once you have entered and been recipient of the graces of the church, to leave her is eternal disaster.

    I have experienced two very clear visions of the supernatural, one of a demonic face, and one of a serene bearded face. I was almost confined for my life for reporting the face in the sky to a psychiatrist. I wanted him to tell me who it was. All of the rest of my symptoms has been either drug induced, street or psych drug, or has been under the extreme pressure of messianic drive to save the world. I have hurt myself and once my husband under this kind of phenomena. I consider it dangerous and evil. It is a sinful temptation. I go to my confessor if and when it comes up.

    I would much rather proceed in a rational frame of mind to the work of changing our unjust circumstances. The Orthodox people are called ‘the rational flock’. I aspire to deserve this name.

    David Oaks and Patch Adams are fine. I think identifying myself as maladjusted is not a bad idea. Proud? No.

    I don’t have to work with spiritual people or just Christians either. I am going to work on getting the Church involved, but I don’t push that mission on anybody in the survivor movement.

    I end with this Scripture,

    1 John 4:3
    And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    Having a Christless ‘messianic’ spirit is the spirit of the antichrist. Being inspired by Christ has no strife. It is peace.

    Your sinful servant,

    or Marion Brooke Kolitwenzew

  • Laura, a very moving piece.

    What I find so frustrating about being a survivor, is the resistance to simply my existence by the people who are still in bondage and sinking, clutching their meds. I have been met not with just avoidance, but down right hostility. I understand this attitude from psychiatrists and other professional leaders, I’m thinking of priests here. They are in the position of power which we threaten. But the people who are being crushed, the spellbound, the people that don’t have long before their minds will betray them, they just don’t want to get it. Especially I shutter when I think of those in the ‘recovery’ movement who are peer support specialists and WRAP facilitators who are still on meds, still getting locked up, and the most confused by the presence of a ‘survivor’. They just space out. Surely there is a way to reach this particular group of phonies! That is a very unkind word, but they teach the newly ‘baptized’ by the system to build a crisis plan with which hospital you want to go to and what meds you want to take. They are giving the newly oppressed stones when they are asking for bread!

    I think we need to reach out to parents, normal parents. We need to inform them that putting their children in school is a grave danger to them these days. I pulled all of my children out of school when the teacher wanted my kindergartener to be evaluated for ADD. And now we’ve got juvenile bipolar and juvenile schizophrenia! The new DMS now lists these disorders with the additional qualifier of ‘spectrum’ tacked on to the end. We need to get parents to SF in May!

    I have a friend whose is a social worker for a county service board and her peers are having severe concerns about this broader DSM-V. We need to motivate these ‘normal’ people before they fall into the new ranks of the mentally disturbed.

    This is truly a human rights issue. EVERYONE is at risk in this system that wants everyone to be addicted to their expensive drugs.

    There are anti-DSM petitions floating around the Web. At least find them and sign them. And please, let’s have a showing in San Francisco on May 14. We can’t give up! Everyone’s freedom is at risk! I certainly don’t want to loose my new found freedom that I fought so hard to get.

    Thanks for listening.

    See you in Philly in November everyone!

  • I couldn’t find the ‘1 million’ number, i remember it and posted the info on my website, but there is a graph on page 241 in Anatomy of an Epidemic. It shows the number of juvenile bipolar diagnoses made was over 800,000 in 2003. Source: Moreno C.”National trends in outpatient diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in youth”, Archives of General Psychiatry 64 (2007), 1032-39.

    I remember the number this way:
    “1 million children with bipolar disorder ON DISABILITY.

    Wish I could have gone to New York!

    There’s always San Fransisco in May!

    Thanks for the clarity in this article. I wondered why there were so many people in ‘recovery’ taking their medication, becoming peer support specialists, and breaking down only to return to their jobs upon release. Don’t people realize THE MEDS CAUSE PSYCHOSIS!

    That’s not recovery to me.